first_imgSo far, the Israeli lobbying has yielded mixed results. China has helped pass four sets of economic sanctions against Iran, but has tried to dilute the language.“We would like to see them taking more concrete steps because they have clout over Iran,” the diplomat said. “We explain that if the issue is not resolved, it might affect stability in the Middle East.”___Bodeen reported from Beijing. Alexa Olesen in Beijing also contributed to this report.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements These ties suffered a blow in 2000 when the U.S. pressured Israel to cancel the sale of a sophisticated radar system to China, fearing it could alter the balance of power with Taiwan. The cancellation infuriated China, cost Israel hundreds of millions of dollars, and frayed ties.Then, in 2005, the U.S. persuaded Israel not to service spare parts for unmanned aircraft drones already sold to China, concerned that it would upgrade China’s airborne anti-radar capability. Israel officials say that Israel has since halted weapons sales to China.But in recent months, relations have begun to improve. In June 2011, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak traveled to China. Chen, the Chinese military chief, visited Israel in August, and in December, Israel’s paramilitary Border Police unit hosted a delegation from the People’s Armed Police.During the monthlong course, “cadets were taught a variety of information, with an emphasis on fighting terror, dealing with disturbances, self defense, open field combat and more,” according to an Israeli police statement. It was the first such exercise, police said.This newfound cooperation has raised concerns among human rights advocates. Israel’s Border Police serve on the front lines of anti-Israel demonstrations in the West Bank and have been accused of using excessive force dispersing crowds. It denies the allegations. Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates Associated PressJERUSALEM (AP) – After a prolonged chill, security ties between Israel and China are warming up.With Israel offering much-needed technical expertise and China representing a huge new market and influential voice in the international debate over Iran’s nuclear program, the two nations have stepped up military cooperation as they patch up a rift caused by a pair of failed arms deals scuttled by the U.S. The improved ties have been highlighted by this week’s visit to Beijing by Israel’s military chief and a training mission to Israel by the Chinese paramilitary force that, among other things, polices the restive Tibetan and Muslim Uighur regions. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to travel to China in the coming weeks.After their meeting Monday, both China’s chief of staff, Gen. Chen Bingde, and his Israeli counterpart, Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, hailed the growing ties and held out the possibility of even closer military cooperation.Chen told the official China Daily that China “attaches importance to the ties with the Israeli military and is willing to make concerted efforts with the Israeli side to deepen pragmatic cooperation.”In a statement released by the Israeli military, Gantz mentioned a commitment to developing the relationship, including “joint courses that are scheduled to take place.” It did not elaborate.Such comments are a remarkable turnaround from just a few years ago, when ties deteriorated after the failed arms deals.Israel and China established diplomatic relations in 1992, and the two countries traded military technology for nearly a decade. Some military analysts believe that Israel helped China develop its J-10 fighter plane during the 1990s, a claim that both countries have denied. Parents, stop beating yourself up Comments   Share   He said the Israeli training “must include a human rights component, such as the principle of proportionate use of force.”Israeli officials rejected any notion of wrongdoing, saying that all cooperation was “transparent” and done with the full knowledge of the U.S. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were discussing a sensitive diplomatic issue.The Chinese Embassy in Tel Aviv did not respond to a request for comment.According to Israeli diplomats and analysts, the interests on both sides are clear. Israel has a strong interest in getting closer to a rising world power, while China is interested in Israeli military and technological know-how.“I’m sure Israel does whatever it can to let the Chinese know that despite limitations on military transfers, Israel still has a strong will to attain good relations,” said Yoram Evron, a China expert at Haifa University and the Institute for National Security Studies, a Tel Aviv think tank.He said he believes the warming ties were initiated by the Chinese, who were caught off guard by the Arab Spring protests convulsing the region in the past year and a half.“Due to the Arab Spring, China may have the impression, a stronger impression than before, that Israel is relatively stable compared with other players in the region,” he said. The People’s Armed Police, or PAP, has also been accused of using excessive force, particularly in Tibet, a western region where the indigenous Buddhist population has pushed for independence.Policing Tibet is a small part of a challenging mission. Believed to have as many as 1 million members, the PAP is responsible for asserting government control over a rapidly changing society beset by soaring numbers of protests, strikes and ethnic unrest by Tibetans and Muslim Uighurs on China’s Central Asian frontier.Set up in the early 1980s to take over domestic security from the armed forces, the PAP has been derided for much of its history as undisciplined. The units proved unfit to handle the Tiananmen Square democracy demonstrations in 1989, forcing the Communist Party to call in the People’s Liberation Army.In the past decade, the government has launched a full-force upgrade. It now has rapid-response, counterterrorism, anti-hijacking and other specialized units.Nicholas Bequelin, a China researcher at Human Rights Watch, said PAP units engaged in “widespread abuses” in putting down a mass Tibetan uprising in 2008, using live ammunition against unarmed protesters, disappearances and other acts of disproportionate brutality. Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family Top Stories An Israeli diplomat involved in Asian affairs said the security ties are part of a larger blossoming of relations. China is now Israel’s third-largest trade partner, after the European Union and United States. Bilateral trade exceeded $8 billion last year, roughly 20 percent higher than the previous year.While those figures are minuscule for China, the diplomat noted that China is very interested in some key industries in which Israel has expertise. He cited Israeli water technologies in agriculture, desalination and wastewater management.He said Israel has signed number of trade agreements with China in recent years, including a new scholarship program to bring 250 Chinese university students to Israel annually. It also has expanded its diplomatic presence in China with a new consulate in the city of Guangzhou, and another one set to open in Chengdu next year.Israeli officials acknowledged their motives go beyond trade. They said they routinely raise concerns about Iran’s nuclear program with China, which is both a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council and which relies on Iran for roughly 10 percent of its oil supply.Israel, like the West, believes Iran is trying to build a nuclear bomb, and has hinted it will attack Iran if it concludes that international diplomatic efforts to stop Iran have failed. An Israeli attack could disrupt the flow of oil and send global energy prices skyrocketing, a nightmare scenario for China. Sponsored Stories Arizona families, Arizona farms: providing the local community with responsibly produced dairy Check your body, save your lifelast_img read more

first_imgAssociated PressOSLO, Norway (AP) – Aung San Suu Kyi’s Nobel Peace Prize speech explored her views on the ideals of peace, the seeds of war, the bonds of our common humanity, and the rare power of kindness. Here are the highlights.POWER OF THE PEACE PRIZE“Often during my days of house arrest it felt as though I were no longer a part of the real world.” Winning the Nobel Peace Prize “made me real once again. It had drawn me back into the wider human community. And what was more important, the Nobel Prize had drawn the attention of the world to the struggle for democracy and human rights in Burma. We were not going to be forgotten.” Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates The difference between men and women when it comes to pain Comments   Share   Top Stories Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family IGNORING OTHERS’ SUFFERING FUELS WAR“The First World War represented a terrifying waste of youth and potential, a cruel squandering of the positive forces of our planet. … And for what? Nearly a century on, we have yet to find a satisfactory answer. Are we not still guilty, if to a less violent degree, of recklessness, of improvidence with regard to our future and our humanity? War is not the only arena where peace is done to death. Wherever suffering is ignored, there will be the seeds of conflict, for suffering degrades and embitters and enrages.WE LIVE IN AN ENLIGHTENED AGE“We are fortunate to be living in an age when social welfare and humanitarian assistance are recognized not only as desirable but necessary. I am fortunate to be living in an age when the fate of prisoners of conscience anywhere has become the concern of peoples everywhere, an age when democracy and human rights are widely, if not universally, accepted as the birthright of all.”PERFECT PEACE MUST BE OUR GOAL“Absolute peace in our world is an unattainable goal. But it is one towards which we must continue to journey, our eyes fixed on it as a traveler in a desert fixes his eyes on the one guiding star that will lead him to salvation. Even if we do not achieve perfect peace on earth, because perfect peace is not of this earth, common endeavors to gain peace will unite individuals and nations in trust and friendship and help to make our human community safer and kinder.” Natural spring cleaning tips and tricks for your home More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements Sponsored Stories THE PEACEMAKING POWER OF KINDNESS“Of the sweets of adversity, and let me say that they are not numerous, I have found the sweetest, the most precious of all, is the lesson I learnt on the value of kindness. Every kindness I received, small or big, convinced me that there could never be enough of it in our world. To be kind is to respond with sensitivity and human warmth to the hopes and needs of others. Even the briefest touch of kindness can lighten a heavy heart. Kindness can change the lives of people.”IMAGINING A WORLD WITHOUT REFUGEES“Ultimately our aim should be to create a world free from the displaced, the homeless and the hopeless, a world of which each and every corner is a true sanctuary where the inhabitants will have the freedom and the capacity to live in peace. Every thought, every word, and every action that adds to the positive and the wholesome is a contribution to peace. Each and every one of us is capable of making such a contribution. Let us join hands to try to create a peaceful world where we can sleep in security and wake in happiness.”(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Parents, stop beating yourself up New high school in Mesa lets students pick career pathslast_img read more

first_img Sponsored Stories “The men want to sing and do not go to colleges, some are dreadlocked. Let us not go there,” Mugabe told the crowd at the University of Zimbabwe in Harare. His comments in a mixture of both English and the Shona language were corroborated by The Associated Press after speaking to several reporters who attended the gathering.Over the years, Mugabe has repeatedly made disparaging remarks about dreadlocked Rastafarians, whom he once described as having “moths and mud” in their hair. Rastafarianism, best known for its ritual use of marijuana and the dreadlock hair style worn by followers, emerged in Jamaica in the 1930s out of anger over the oppression of blacks. A small minority of Jamaicans are adherents.Reggae singer Cocoa Tea, a Rastafarian who performed in Zimbabwe last October, told The Jamaica Star tabloid that Mugabe’s comments were “not a true reflection of us as people.”“Jamaicans are way better than that and we are leaders, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion,” Cocoa Tea said.Glen Harris, a laborer and father of two children, said he felt irritated when he heard about the Zimbabwean president’s chiding remarks on a local radio program. Like the large majority of Jamaica’s population, Harris is black. Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Associated PressKINGSTON, Jamaica (AP) – Comments by an African leader portraying the men of Jamaica as chronic drunkards and unambitious pot smokers have become the talk of towns across this Caribbean island. People are debating the matter on street corners, in letters to the editor and on radio talk shows.In unscripted asides during a roughly three-hour speech last week at a research exposition, Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe said Jamaican “men are always drunk,” have no interest in higher education, and people freely smoke marijuana. Comments   Share   Top Stories Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion projectcenter_img Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Parents, stop beating yourself up Early signs of cataracts in your parents and how to help “This is an African leader talking like this? Black man should stick up for each other. We’re all Africans,” he said on a Kingston street of low-slung concrete buildings and sheet metal fences.Although some foreigners have an image of Jamaica as a laid-back, sun-soaked slice of paradise where unhurried people smoke marijuana without a care, marijuana use is illegal and many islanders are socially conservative churchgoers who quietly endure stereotypes of their country.Still, a few Jamaicans aren’t aggrieved with Mugabe, who received a top government honor during a 1996 visit. They note that their island is the largest producer of marijuana in the Caribbean and that far more women graduate from university than men, and say Mugabe may have a point, even if he was being overly broad by disparaging Jamaican men.“Is President Robert Mugabe really on to something? Certainly, his observation that our `universities are full of women’ while our `men want to sing and do not go to colleges’ is a truism, which none can deny,” Northern Caribbean University administrator Vincent Peterkin wrote in a letter to the editor of The Jamaica Gleaner newspaper. The government’s political opposition has also waded into the debate, urging Jamaica to demand an apology from Mugabe.“If true, it is startling that someone who has himself claimed that his country is a victim of imperceptions fed by the international media should be using these misconceptions of Jamaican society to describe our people,” said Olivia Grange, spokeswoman for the Jamaica Labor Party.Jamaican Information Minister Sandrea Falconer said Wednesday that the foreign affairs ministry, led by A.J. Nicholson, was still trying to confirm if Mugabe made the remarks.“I know his ministry is still trying to authenticate the source, and after we will respond,” Falconer said in a brief phone interview.In a written statement, Nicholson stressed that “Jamaican men and women from all walks of life have made valuable contributions to national development and have made their mark on the world stage.”___Associated Press writer Gillian Gotora in Harare, Zimbabwe, contributed to this report.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Patients with chronic pain give advicelast_img

first_img Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Comments   Share   Black’s empire once included the Chicago Sun-Times, The Daily Telegraph of London, The Jerusalem Post and papers across the U.S. and Canada. He returned to Canada in May after a 42-month U.S. prison sentence. Black remains a member of the British House of Lords.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) 5 treatments for adult scoliosis TORONTO (AP) – A federal court has ruled that former media mogul Conrad Black won’t be heard by an advisory panel that is deciding whether to strip him of Canada’s highest civilian honor.Black, convicted of fraud and obstruction of justice in the United States, had wanted to appear in person before the Order of Canada advisory panel to make his case to keep the honor. The panel refused.The Federal Court said Thursday it won’t interfere, saying Black can make his arguments in writing. Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion projectcenter_img Top Stories Check your body, save your life Sponsored Stories 5 ways to recognize low testosterone Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenixlast_img read more

first_img“Their journey is as life-threatening as the war they escaped,” Fleming said.The latest ship sank in open seas, 65 miles south of Lampedusa in Malta’s search-and-rescue area.Malta’s armed forces said there were no plans for divers to be dispatched due to the depth of more than 80 meters (260 feet) _ unlike another shipwreck eight days earlier in view of Lampedusa where divers have recovered 365 bodies, mostly of Eritreans who fled repression.Only 155 people survived that tragedy.____Barry contributed from Milan.(Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) “The boat took on water, and people started coming up from below, which could have contributed to the capsizing, according to witness testimony,” Fleming said. She added that the four wounded were treated by doctors among the refugees on board.UNHCR has asked Libya for an explanation based on the survivor accounts and the fact that people with bullet wounds have been among the more than 200 people rescued and taken to Malta and Italy.The bodies of 34 people have been recovered, but survivors have told the U.N. that 400 to 500 people were on board, meaning more than 200 could still be missing.Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zidan denied the allegations in a press conference Sunday during a visit by Malta Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to discuss the wave of refugees arriving by boat from Libya in Malta and Italy. He pledged an investigation.UNHCR has expressed concern that Syrians escaping civil war are facing a perilous sea journey to reach safety in Europe.Two million Syrians have fled to neighboring countries, according to the U.N. refugee agency, and many are continuing the journey through northern Africa to ports where smugglers offer passage to Europe. Hundreds more Syrians have arrived by boat in Italy over the weekend, following a string of recent tragedies. 4 sleep positions for men and what they mean Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement VALLETTA, Malta (AP) – Syrian survivors of the latest shipwreck involving migrants in the Mediterranean Sea claim Libya’s coast guard fired on their boat after reaching it a couple of hours out of port, the U.N. refugee agency said Monday.The survivors of last Friday’s shipwreck have told UNHCR that the Libyans opened fire after ordering the boat to stop, damaging the hull and wounding four people, the U.N. agency’s spokeswoman Melissa Fleming said from Geneva. Top Stories Sponsored Stories Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Comments   Share   Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober 5 things to look for when selecting an ophthalmologist Top ways to honor our heroes on Veterans Daylast_img read more

first_img Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Chirovsky said Ukrainians around the world are praying for a peaceful end to the on-going conflict, including those in Arizona.“We’re praying that open hostilities — a shooting war — not erupt,” said Chirovsky, who leads the St. Michael Ukrainian-Catholic Church in Tuscon.Despite possible conflict, Chirovsky said he and his congregation are proud of their native country.“We’re very proud of what’s going on in Ukraine,” he said.” The Ukrainian government has exercised unbelievable restraint in the face of an armed invasion.” Top Stories Quick workouts for men New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facilitycenter_img Arizona families, Arizona farms: A legacy of tradition embracing animal care and comfort through modern technology Sponsored Stories Comments   Share   PHOENIX — A Tucson priest said he is praying pressure exerted by western countries will help calm the possible spark of another world war in the Crimea region of Ukraine.“What’s going on right now is very similar to what happened when Hitler began invading and annexing various countries right before World War II,” the Rev. Andre Chirovsky said. “At first, the west did not react very quickly.” Check your body, save your lifelast_img read more

first_img Top Stories Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Rivlin’s office and the ceremony’s sponsors could not agree on how the ceremony would be conducted, and now each is blaming the other for the eventual cancellation.In a letter sent to Rivlin this month, Israeli and American leaders of the Conservative Judaism movement wrote that, “The sole reason for this denial is the contempt of Israel’s leaders for the sponsors of this program.”The letter added that denying the boys their bar mitzvah was “an act of cruelty.”The dispute highlights the long-simmering conflict between the Orthodox mainstream in Israel and the Reform and Conservative Judaism movements, which make up the majority of the American Jewish population but are marginal in Israel.The Orthodox establishment rules many aspects of life inside Israel, such as marriage, divorce, conversions and burials. Liberal groups have struggled to make inroads inside the Jewish state and the Orthodox rabbinate has refused to recognize their rulings as religiously valid.Rivlin’s largely ceremonial office is meant to act as a moral compass for the country. A former lawmaker, Rivlin has championed civil liberties and promoted pluralism and tolerance. But in the past, he has derided Reform Judaism. FILE – In this Nov. 3, 2014 file photo, Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin, attends a meeting at the President’s residence in Jerusalem. A canceled bar mitzvah ceremony for boys with disabilities is highlighting a rift between Israel’s Orthodox majority and its more marginal streams of Judaism. President Reuven Rivlin had agreed to hold the ceremony at his residence but later suggested a non-religious event. (AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner, File) 0 Comments   Share   Sponsored Stories Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall 4 must play golf courses in Arizonacenter_img New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies 5 treatments for adult scoliosis JERUSALEM (AP) — Liberal Jews in Israel are accusing the country’s president of discriminating against them by calling off a bar mitzvah ceremony at his residence.At the heart of the dispute is a proposed bar mitzvah for boys with disabilities scheduled to be held at the residence of President Reuven Rivlin. The ceremony was sponsored by the Conservative Judaism movement, which — despite its name– is more liberal than the Orthodox movement which dominates in Israel. Rabbi Gilad Kariv, who heads Israel’s Reform Jewish movement, said he was unfamiliar with the details of the bar mitzvah dispute but commended the conservatives for their important initiative. He added that despite Rivlin’s past statements, the president has been respectful to all streams of Judaism since taking office.Naomi Toledano-Kandel, Rivlin’s spokeswoman, said it wasn’t the role of the president’s office to intervene in such a contentious political topic.“We are not the place that will decide the religious war,” she said.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Top ways to honor our heroes on Veterans Daylast_img read more

first_imgPODGORICA, Montenegro (AP) — Montenegro will have to beef up its public support for NATO and strengthen the rule of law before it can become a member, the alliance’s secretary-general said Thursday.The tiny Balkan state is deeply split between its traditional ties with Russia and those wanting to join the Western military alliance. Polls say public support for NATO has never exceeded 40 percent.Russian officials have warned Montenegro against joining NATO, saying the Kremlin would regard that as a provocation. Montenegro, which has had strong economic and cultural ties with Russia, has joined Western sanctions against Moscow for its policies in Ukraine. Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall Top ways to honor our heroes on Veterans Day Quick workouts for men Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Sponsored Stories Comments   Share   center_img New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies 5 treatments for adult scoliosis Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Top Stories NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said in Podgorica that Montenegro’s membership bid is in “the crucial phase” and that it will be discussed at NATO’s ministerial meeting scheduled for December.“We count on Montenegro to continue to strengthen the rule of law and we encourage you to further build public support for membership,” Stoltenberg said after meeting Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic whose long-standing government has often been accused of corruption and mismanagement.“It is important that Montenegro does what needs to be done and that it demonstrates that it is ready to become a valuable member of the Alliance,” Stoltenberg said. “Joining the Euro-Atlantic family is a win-win for Montenegro and for NATO.”Djukanovic said that it is in Montenegro’s national interest to get the green light for membership by the end of 2015.“I really expect that we have an additional improvement of public support in the next few months, which would qualify us for the positive outcome at the end of this year,” Djukanovic said.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

first_img Quick workouts for men VATICAN CITY (AP) — The Vatican’s former ambassador to the Dominican Republic has been indicted on charges he sexually abused young boys in the Caribbean country and had child pornography on his computer and will stand trial next month in a Vatican court.The Holy See said Monday that Jozef Wesolowski will have his first hearing July 11, the first time such a high-ranking Vatican official will stand trial for sex abuse. Top Stories Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall How do cataracts affect your vision? Comments   Share   The difference between men and women when it comes to pain The Holy See recalled Wesolowski in 2013 after rumors surfaced in Santo Domingo that he allegedly paid shoeshine boys to masturbate. Wesolowski has since been defrocked and placed under modified house arrest inside Vatican City pending a decision by the Vatican criminal court on whether to indict him.That decision came June 6, when the Vatican prosecutor asked the head of the Vatican City State tribunal to indict him — a decision that was announced Monday.The case has been highly sensitive, given that the Polish-born Wesolowski was an ambassador of the Holy See — a direct representative of the pope and not just one of the world’s 440,000 priests — and had been ordained both a priest and a bishop by St. John Paul II.Last year, a Holy See tribunal found him guilty under canon law of abusing young boys and defrocked him, the harshest sentence under church law that can be meted out. Now, the case goes to the Vatican’s criminal courts, which can impose jail time if he is found guilty.As a papal diplomat and citizen of the Vatican City State, Wesolowski is also subject to the jurisdiction of the Vatican City State, which in 2013 updated its laws to specifically criminalize possession of child pornography.center_img New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies The Vatican said Wesolowski is accused of having porn while he was in Rome from August 2013, when he was recalled, until his arrest Sept. 22, 2014, meaning that the new law can apply.The 2013 legislation also specifically criminalized sexual abuse of children, but the accusations against Wesolowski stem from before the law was passed, meaning the old law would presumably have to apply.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility FILE – This March 15, 2013 file photo shows Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski, papal nuncio for the Dominican Republic, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The Vatican’s former ambassador to the Dominican Republic has been charged with sexually abusing young boys in the Caribbean country and having child pornography on his computer and will stand trial next month in a Vatican court. In a statement, the Holy See said Jozef Wesolowski will have his first hearing July 11. (AP Photo/Manuel Diaz, File) Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Sponsored Stories last_img read more

first_imgBOGOTA, Colombia (AP) — The chairman of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee wrapped up a trip to crisis-plagued Venezuela by warning the country is on a “destructive path” that could result in more suffering unless the socialist government adopts more moderate policies before congressional elections.Sen. Bob Corker, a Republican from Tennessee, met this week in Caracas with members of the opposition, including relatives of jailed politicians, as well as government officials. The surprise visit, the first in years by a U.S. senator, follows weeks of high-level meetings between President Nicolas Maduro and State Department envoys as the Obama administration seeks to reduce tensions with its fiercest critic in Latin America. How Arizona is preparing the leader of the next generation Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Clean energy: Why it matters for Arizona Top ways to honor our heroes on Veterans Day New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Top Stories center_img Mesa family survives lightning strike to home Comments   Share   Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall “It is very sad to see that the country’s flawed economic policies and political system have put Venezuela on such a destructive path,” Corker said in a statement issued Thursday upon his return to the U.S.He urged Venezuelan leaders on all sides to embrace free markets and to respect human rights and the rule of law among other policies, saying that is needed to prevent a further breakdown of order in a country already suffering from triple-digit inflation and widespread shortages.He said the months leading up to Dec. 6 legislative elections, which polls say the opposition is heavily favored to win, “will show the world whether Venezuela is willing to take even modest steps toward this end.”It’s unclear with whom in the government Corker met besides Ombudsman Tarek William Saab, whose job it is to advocate for victims of human rights abuses. Corker’s office told The Associated Press that the senator was unavailable for further comment.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Sponsored Stories last_img read more

first_img How do cataracts affect your vision? It comes as Turkey’s security situation “has deteriorated dramatically,” Bruno Lete, senior officer for foreign and security policy at the German Marshall Fund, a Brussels think tank, said.“The rise of Islamic State in northern Iraq, in northern Syria, has effectively destabilized the southern border of Turkey. But also domestically, the threat of terrorism has become very real,” Lete told The Associated Press.NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, who will chair the closed-door session, said Turkey requested it following recent “heinous terrorist attacks,” which included an IS suicide bombing near Turkey’s border with Syria that left 32 people dead and an IS attack on Turkish forces, which killed a soldier.“NATO allies follow developments very closely and stand in solidarity with Turkey,” Stoltenberg said in announcing Tuesday’s meeting of the alliance’s main political decision-making body, the North Atlantic Council.According to official NATO records, there have been only four other so-called Article 4 meetings since the U.S.-led alliance was created in 1949.Most recently, NATO ambassadors convened in March 2014 at Poland’s request following Russia’s annexation of Crimea from Ukraine. Arizona families, Arizona farms: providing the local community with responsibly produced dairy BRUSSELS (AP) — For just the fifth time in its 66-year history, NATO ambassadors will meet in emergency session Tuesday to gauge the threat the Islamic State extremist group poses to Turkey, and the debated actions Turkish authorities are taking in response.The extraordinary meeting at NATO headquarters was requested by Turkey under Article 4 of the treaty that founded the U.S.-led alliance, which empowers its 28 member states to seek such consultations when they consider their “territorial integrity, political independence or security” to be in jeopardy. What’s more, Turkish leaders “have actually been arguing that the Kurds in Syria are more of a threat to Turkey,” Kearns told the AP. He said the targets chosen in the recent military strikes by Turkey were clear confirmation of that geopolitical calculus.On Monday, Syria’s main Kurdish militia and an activist group said Turkish troops shelled a Syrian village near the border, targeting Kurdish fighters.The official NATO announcement of Tuesday’s meeting of alliance ambassadors said one of the reasons Turkey sought it was to explain “the measures it is taking.” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told reporters Monday he would spell out in detail the security threats his country faces.“We expect solidarity and support from our NATO allies,” he said, without elaborating.Cavusoglu, who spoke during an official visit to Lisbon, Portugal, flatly refused to draw a distinction between IS and PKK.“There is no difference between PKK and Daesh. You can’t say that PKK is better because it is fighting Daesh,” Cavusoglu said, using an Arabic acronym to refer to the Islamic State group.___Bassem Mroue in Beirut and Barry Hatton in Lisbon contributed. Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Comments   Share   After months of reluctance, Turkish warplanes last week started striking militant targets in Syria and entered a long-awaited agreement which allows the U.S. to launch its own strikes from Turkey’s strategically located Incirlik Air Base.The United States and Turkey on Monday were also finalizing plans for a military campaign to push the Islamic State group out of a strip of Syrian territory along the Turkish border.But in a series of cross-border strikes since Friday, Turkey has not only targeted the IS group but also Kurdish fighters affiliated with forces battling IS in Syria and Iraq.The Syrian Kurds are among the most effective ground forces battling the IS group and have been aided by U.S.-led airstrikes, but Turkey fears they could revive an insurgency against it in pursuit of an independent state.The Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, has fought Turkey for autonomy for Kurds in a conflict that has claimed tens of thousands of lives since 1984. The Kurds are an ethnic group with their own language living in a region spanning present-day Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Iran and Armenia.For some NATO members and independent observers, it’s still not clear whether Turkey’s No. 1 target is IS or the Kurds, said Ian Kearns, director of the European Leadership Network, a London-based think tank. Top Stories center_img Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu delivers a speech during a ceremony in honour of the Portuguese policeman and a Turkish citizen who were victims of an attack on the Turkish embassy in Lisbon by an Armenian group in 1983, in Lisbon, Monday, July 27, 2015. (AP Photo/Francisco Seco) Sponsored Stories Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Mesa family survives lightning strike to home New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies New Year’s resolution: don’t spend another year in a kitchen you don’t likelast_img read more

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: C.F The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) have given initial support to a five year extension of the joint services agreement (JSA) between Qantas Airways Ltd and British Airways. The JSA, which has been in operation for the past 14 years, allows both airlines to coordinate commercial arrangements between their travel services, particularly between Australian and Europe. “The ACCC considers the JSA is likely to continue to deliver public benefits in the form of lower fares and broader availability of schedule options for air passengers,” ACCC chairman Graeme Samuel said.The strong competition on most routes operated under the deal means that cost savings arising from the JSA are likely to be passed on to consumers.”The increasing competition from other carriers means the JSA is unlikely to result in any substantial lessening of competition in the relevant markets,” he said.The ACCC’s draft determination will be available from the ACCC website, The ACCC invites submissions from interested parties by 25 February 2010.last_img read more

first_imgIt warned of an ice age, a flood, famine, and a nuclear holocaust. But now ‘London Calling’ is being used by organisers of the London 2012 Olympic Games to sell the event and the city to prospective visitors.And music critics are at a loss as to why the song – title aside – was chosen.“In the song, London’s got zombies wandering around, the river’s flooding, and the policemen are beating everyone up,” music writer and BBC freelancer Alan Connor told NPR.“So it’s not much of a way of saying, ‘hey, come and watch our beach volleyball – you’ll have a great time’.”Penned in 1979 by The Clash, the iconic tune will be part of countdown advertisements for the Games which begin in just under a year’s time.And whilst in its way the song celebrates the city, Connor says it also repudiates the previous decade’s idea of London. “When he says ‘we ain’t got no swing’, I think Joe Strummer is trying to put in the bin the red-bus, black-taxi, groovy-baby kind of London.”Echoing Connor was fellow BBC contributor Marcus Gray who called ‘London Calling’ “a classic example” of a song that in its fame had lost its intended meaning. “It’s instantly recognisable and superficially the perfect invitation to the capital and the world’s premiere sporting event, but it’s actually about the end of the world, at least as we know it.”Here’s a sample of the song’s lyrics:The ice age is coming, the sun’s zooming inMeltdown expected, the wheat is growing thinEngines stop running, but I have no fear‘Cause London is drowning, and I live by the river Source = e-Travel Blackboard: M.Hlast_img read more

first_imgStraw market – Nassau, BahamasImage courtesy of Cruise Radio Half Moon Cay, BahamasImage courtesy of Doug Brown 37 With 4.5 million people currently without power across the east coast of America, e-Travel Blackboard examines the affect Hurricane Irene has had across the cruise industry. Itinerary DiversionsFor the most up to date information on cruise lines affected by the hurricane, we recommend bookmarking America Linems Veendam  was the only ship given authority by the U.S Coast Guard to remain at its dock along New York’s Hudson River to ride out the hurricane over the weekend. Arriving back one day early, on Saturday, passengers were given the option to either disembark on Saturday night or remain onboard until Sunday. She is currently scheduled to set sail on a 7-day Bermuda cruise at 2pm on Monday 29 August. ms Maasdam will no longer call on Bar Harbor, Maine and Halifax, Nova Scotia as part of her Canada and New England cruise that departed Boston on Saturday, instead visiting Gaspe and Saquenay in Quebec.Celebrity CruisesCelebrity Summit is set to sail on a round-trip voyage through Bermuda one day later than scheduled, on Monday 29 August from her home port of Bayonne, New Jersey. Passengers should be aware that the following Bermuda sailing will now depart on the afternoon of Monday 5 September. Cruise Critic reported that the line will provide passengers on the shortened voyage with “a letter at check in with the amount of onboard credit each stateroom will receive.”NCLThe cruise line has alerted passengers that with all changes to NCL itineraries being weather-based, no compensation will be available. Norwegian Gem will delay her trip back to New York and arrive one day later on Monday 29 August. Embarkation will commence at midday on Monday. Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas will now visit Nassau instead of the damaged private island of Coco Cay on Monday 29 August. Carnival Cruise LinesCarnival Cruise Lines will reimburse passengers affected by the shortened voyage on board Carnival Pride with a one-day refund. She will set sail on Monday 29 August on her return to Baltimore after being diverted by the U.S Coast Guard on Saturday. Carnival Glory will visit Halifax on Monday 29 August and Saint John on Tuesday 30 August as part of a five-night Canada cruise.Carnival Fantasy will visit Cozumel and Key West instead of the scheduled call to King’s Wharf, Bermuda. Princess CruisesCaribbean Princess will spend a day at sea on Monday 29 August and visit Halifax on Tuesday 30 August. A scheduled call to St. John has been cancelled.Ports affected by Hurricane IreneHalf Moon Cay Minimal damage has been reported at Holland America’s private island of Half Moon Cay after bearing the brunt of the category three hurricane last Thursday.Cruise Radio reported that all damage can be easily addressed and is expected to be operational for Carnival visits on 4 September with HAL ships returning to the island on 13 October.NassauCruise Radio has reported that the infamous straw market on Bay Street was partially damaged by Hurricane Irene with the only other damage on the island reported as minimal.  Several boats were damaged and two tug boats broke loose during the storm.Royal Caribbean, Carnival and NCL returned to Nassau on Sunday.CocoCayRoyal Caribbean cancelled calls to their private island, Coco Cay in the Bahamas over the weekend.A statement on the line’s website stated that “Regrettably, the island of CocoCay, Bahamas, was impacted by the storm, and we feel our guest’s experience ashore would be disrupted. Because of this, we have cancelled Monarch of the Seas’ call to CocoCay today and Freedom of the Seas’ call to CocoCay tomorrow, August 29.”Great Stirrup CayNCL have a team at Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas, evaluating damage and, in the meantime, have cancelled all calls to the island.Eleuthera IslandCruise Radio has reported that there may be damage to Princess Cruises’ private beach located on the southern point of Eleuthera Island.“Princess Cays did have slight damage but we’re confident it will be in full operation for our next call there on September 30,” said a spokesperson for Princess Cruises.Castaway CayDisney Cruise Lines are yet to release information on the status of their private island, Castaway Cay.center_img CocoCay Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.Alast_img read more

first_imgAfter conducting research through the Visa Australia and New Zealand Travel Survey, Lonely Planet and Visa have created The Travel Companion; an online travel-planning hub.Research revealed that when planning a trip, more than 30 percent of Australian’s visit friends and family’s social network photo albums for holiday inspiration.Visa Australia country manager Vipin Kalra said Australian’s are passionate about travel and the new website is designed to aid, encourage and support. “We’re thrilled to be able to provide people with tools and information to help them have an even more enjoyable trip, from savings and budgeting tips, to destination ideas and advice from the experts at Lonely Planet.”More than 80 percent of Australians admitted to having at least one yearly trip planned and organised at least three to four months in advance.Individual itineraries can be conceived using The Travel Companion’s ‘Create Your Own Guide’ (CYOG) tool, which allows users to pool together Lonely Planet’s information on some of the world’s best destinations.“The CYOG tool is unique in that it can create a compact and personalised Lonely Planet guide of must-see sites and activities. Travellers can add their own notes and comments and even share their guide via email and social media with friends, family and fellow travellers,” Mr Kalra said.Research showed Australian’s are fond of taking credit, debit and prepaid charge cards overseas as a means of protecting their finances while abroad.With this in mind, Visa and Lonely Planet’s Travel Companion provides tailored information on the best banking options for individual customer finances.  “The Travel Companion will enhance the experience and excitement of planning a trip,” Client Solutions director APAC for Lonely Planet Samantha Finnegan said.“The Create Your Own Guide is a fun way for consumers to access Lonely Planet’s expert advice on what to do and things to see as they plan their next adventure. We’re proud to continue our long-standing partnership with Visa, culminating in this first-of –its-kind travel resource.”In association with the launch of The Travel Companion, Visa is giving Australians the opportunity to win their dream trip by creating their own guide and submitting their best tips. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.Tlast_img read more says it has experienced a “positive” rebound in bookings in recent years, with Australian bookings hitting a 16-year high.According to the company’s figures, since introducing Japanese resorts to its listings, Aussie bookings have escalated by 25 percent this year compared to 2010.Describing growth as a “very positive outcome” for the snow industry, statistics found the northern island of Hokkaido to be most popular amongst Australian skiers and boarders.“Whilst the growth on the previous year is substantial, with flights and accommodation on certain dates becoming limited throughout the traditional peak period, there’s lots of accommodation available pre Christmas and in March, when the cost of a holiday is well below the peak period,” the company said. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.Jlast_img read more

first_imgYouth travel can have both a positive economic and social impact on the world’s destinations, according to research gleaned from the PATA Youth Forum.150 travel industry students and young professionals gathered in Bangkok for the PATA Youth Forum this month to share opinions and views on global travel.The number one incentive for young people to travel is the possibility to “explore other cultures,” WYSE Travel Confederation international relations officer Peter Jordan said.Youth, student and educational travel is estimated to return US$182 billion annually.“Besides the impressive economic impact that youth travel has on the world’s destinations, the social impact is no less important,” Mr Jordan said.“The capacity to enhance global understanding by encouraging young people to travel is considerable too.”The Youth Travel Forum also celebrated the efforts of Marco Polo Hotels senior director of development James Mabey, honouring him with PATA’s Face of the Future 2013.“In today’s fast paced and increasingly interconnected world, young professionals must embrace the spirit of cross-cultural understanding and creative problem solving,” Mr Mabey said.“The future belongs to those young professionals who will boldly challenge tradition and capitalize on the opportunities of our new interdependent global society.”Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.T. Positive economic and social impacts abound. last_img read more

first_imghelloworld dominate NTIAIn a continued show of strength, helloworld franchisees and members have dominated the agent and agency awards at the National Travel Industry Awards 2015, winning an impressive 75% of the agent awards and 2 of the prestigious agency awards.CEO Elizabeth Gaines said the recognition is powerful validation of the calibre of helloworld network.“Our agents have been able to prove time and time again why dealing with an experienced travel agent makes the world of difference,” Ms Gaines said. “That commitment to excellence supported by helloworld’s comprehensive value proposition and our commitment to delivering a true multi-channel solution is the helloworld difference. Our success at the 2015 NTIA validates our approach in delivering a real choice for agents, suppliers and consumers.”“Congratulations to all of our winners and to the many helloworld member agents who were named as finalists.”helloworld member agents won 6 of the 8 agent awards and 2 of the 6 ageny awards on offer:·      Jonathan Pichaloff, helloworld Newcastle Corporate, Rookie of the Year (Agent)·      Phil Smethurst, Bicton Travel, Best Travel Consultant (Retail)·      Uschi Howard, The Travel Authority Northern Beaches, Best Travel Agency Manager Retail (Single Location)·      Lisa Tjandi, helloworld Hunter Travel Group, Best Travel Agency Manager Retail (Multi Location)·      Bicton Travel, Best Travel Agency Retail (Single Location)·      Helloworld Hunter Travel Group/RACT Travel, Best Travel Agency Retail (Multi Location)[1]·      Goldman Travel, Best Travel Agency Corporate (Single Location)·      Jaime-Lee Holloway, helloworld Kotara, Emirates Travel Consultant ScholarshipHelloworld’s wholly owned subsidiary Insider Journeys was named Best Speciality Wholesaler which was a significant achievement following the rebranding earlier this year.Source = helloworldlast_img read more

first_imgSource = Fairmont Hotels & Resorts Fairmont Hotels and Resorts to manage historic hotel in Century City, Los AngelesFairmont Hotels and Resorts to manage historic hotel in Century City, Los AngelesLuxury hotel operator Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, now part of the AccorHotels Group, and Next Century Associates today announced the signing of definitive agreements for the revitalization and management of the historic Century Plaza Hotel, located in the heart of Century City in Los Angeles. The iconic, crescent shaped hotel has hosted generations of Hollywood celebrities, foreign dignitaries and every United States President since its opening in 1966. The hotel is currently closed for a meticulous restoration and refurbishment and is slated to re-open as Fairmont Century Plaza, Los Angeles in 2018.The addition of a landmark hotel in a strategic US market supports AccorHotels’ goal of brand growth and expansion, particularly in the luxury space. The signing of this project follows AccorHotels’ 2016 acquisition of Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, along with sister brands Raffles and Swissôtel, which broadened the company’s luxury hotel offerings and footprint in North America.“Fairmont is honored to become the guardian of the historic Century Plaza, and along with Michael Rosenfeld and the entire team at Next Century Associates, we look forward to the rebirth of this iconic property,” said Kevin Frid, chief operating officer, North & Central America, AccorHotels. “The Fairmont brand was born in California in 1907 and now, after more than a century of building an international portfolio of award-winning properties, we are thrilled to return to our roots and expand our presence in the Southern California region. Fairmont Century Plaza is an important project, not just for the city and region, but for our globally-recognized brand as well.”The approximately $2.5 billion mixed-use redevelopment project includes approximately 394 guestrooms and 63 branded residences within the original iconic tower, along with two new 46-story luxury residential towers with 290 luxury residences, plus approximately 100,000 square feet of boutique high-street shopping and expanded parking facilities.Originally designed by Minoru Yamasaki, Fairmont Century Plaza will be transformed by world-renowned lead architecture firms Pei Cobb Freed, Gensler and Marmol Radzinger and the internationally acclaimed design group Yabu Pushelberg. The team will restore the hotel’s renowned lobby, connecting it to a series of public plazas and fountains that lead into a central two-acre garden, surrounded by restaurants and retail boutiques.The beloved Los Angeles landmark resides on a six acre site within one of the most prominent neighborhoods in the world. Built on the former backlot of 20th Century Fox Studios, the hotel faces the famous fountains at the intersection of Avenue of the Stars and Constellation Boulevard. The property is surrounded by over 10 million square feet of class ‘A’ offices, residences, restaurants, retail, and entertainment venues, and is adjacent to Beverly Hills, one of the highest grossing retail areas in the United States.Fairmont is expanding its strong partnership with Woodridge Capital, a Los Angeles based multi-disciplined real estate development and Investment Company. The two companies have previously worked together successfully at Fairmont San Francisco and Fairmont Orchid in Hawaii.“We are excited to make history in Los Angeles with the rebirth of the Fairmont Century Plaza,” said Michael Rosenfeld, CEO of Woodridge Capital Partners. “Woodridge and Fairmont have built a strong relationship over the years, with properties that have performed to their utmost in their respective markets. We look forward to creating a new jewel for the residents and visitors of Los Angeles to cherish and enjoy.”Fairmont Century Plaza will add to Fairmont’s broad presence in California, joining an unrivalled collection of spectacular hotels and resorts that include the brand’s flagship hotel – the one that started it all – the iconic Fairmont Miramar San Francisco; Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa; Fairmont San Jose in Silicon Valley; Claremont Club & Spa, a Fairmont Hotel in Berkeley; Fairmont Heritage Place Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco; Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows in Santa Monica; and Fairmont Grand De Mar in San Diego.“California is in our DNA,” added Frid. “The quintessential Californian traits – the sense of relaxed glamor, charisma and sophistication – are exactly what guests consistently encounter at the heart of every Fairmont property around the world. We cannot wait to open these doors in Los Angeles, to celebrate the lineage of this West Coast landmark, and to welcome our guests with authentic red carpet treatment at what will soon be, the breathtaking Fairmont Century Plaza.”With more than 70 hotels worldwide, Fairmont continues to expand globally with recent openings including Fairmont Quasar Istanbul, Fairmont Chengdu in Western China and Fairmont Fujairah in the Middle East. New luxury hotels scheduled to open later in 2017 include Fairmont Amman in Jordan, Fairmont Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. Fairmont will also open the newest and most state of the art hotel in Austin, TX later this year.Fairmont Hotels & Resorts is a luxury brand that consistently rates among the best in the world in customer-based rankings such as the TripAdvisor awards, as well as industry and media awards such as the AAA Five Diamond Ratings, the Condé Nast Traveler Gold List, and Travel + Leisure’s 500 World’s Best Hotels.last_img read more

first_imgMövenpick Hotels and Resorts opens first serviced apartment conceptMövenpick Hotels and Resorts opens first serviced apartment conceptLeading Swiss hospitality management company Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts will be launching a brand new serviced apartment property on the 1 March 2017, its second property in the Thai capital – the Mövenpick Residences Ekkamai Bangkok.The newly built property features 158 serviced apartments and offers long-stay guests a choice of fully furnished studios, 1- and 2- bedroom apartments in Bangkok’s vibrant Ekkamai neighbourhood, an area known for its hip cafes, fine restaurants and boutique shopping options.Built by award-winning Thai developer Nusasiri Plc., Mövenpick Residences Ekkamai Bangkok is the global hotel group’s second offering in Thailand’s gateway city, and stands as a flagship for the brand’s contemporary serviced apartment concept in Asia.“We are delighted to partner with such a well established name in Thai real estate as we extend Mövenpick’s reach beyond hotels and resorts into the fast growing serviced apartment sector,” says Andrew Langdon, Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts Global Chief Development Officer and Senior Vice President Asia. “The high quality of finishing and variety of spacious layouts, combined with our Swiss attention to detail is sure to make Mövenpick Residences Ekkamai Bangkok a high-demand option in an area that’s already popular with long-term expatriates.”Units range in size from 32 sqm to 75 sqm with bright, contemporary décor and a choice of sweeping city views through floor-to-ceiling windows. All the residences come fully fitted, including kitchen equipment, also feature flat screen TVs offering numerous cable channels in multiple languages and complimentary WiFi.Beyond their private spaces, residents enjoy access to a generous 25-metre outdoor saltwater swimming pool, an indoor rooftop fitness centre and a modest but well equipped meetings and functions space.A varied selection of dishes is offered throughout the day at the on-site restaurant, while for those who prefer to venture out there’s a regular shuttle service which passes through the area’s main shopping and dining zones to drop off guests at the nearest BTS sky train station.“With seven unit types to choose from guests can find the perfect base to suit their personal lifestyle needs,” explains Andrew Langdon. “Whether they prefer a large living space and kitchen, a spacious guest bedroom, sunrise or sunset views, there’s a unit to suit every preference at Mövenpick Residences Ekkamai Bangkok.”The celebrate the opening of the brand’s first serviced residences in Asia, Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts is offering special opening rates of only THB 30,000++ per month for a One Bedroom residence. What’s more, every booking made before 30 April 2017 will receive a complimentary 2- night stay in Khao Yai with dinner included for 2 people.For more information, visit About Mövenpick Hotels & ResortsMövenpick Hotels & Resorts, an international upscale hotel management company with over 16,000 staff members, is represented in 25 countries with 83 hotels, resorts and Nile cruisers currently in operation. Around 20 properties are planned or under construction, including those in Chiang Mai (Thailand), Al Khobar (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and Nairobi (Kenya).Focusing on expanding within its core markets of Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts specialises in business and conference hotels, as well as holiday resorts, all reflecting a sense of place and respect for their local communities. Of Swiss heritage and with headquarters in central Switzerland (Baar), Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts is passionate about delivering premium service and culinary enjoyment – all with a personal touch. Committed to supporting sustainable environments, Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts has become the most Green Globe-certified hotel company in the world. The hotel company is owned by Mövenpick Holding (66.7%) and the Kingdom Group (33.3%). For more information, please visit www.movenpick.comSource = Mövenpick Hotels & Resortslast_img read more