first_imgTORONTO – Federal New Democratic Party Leader Jagmeet Singh pulled back the curtain on his closely guarded private life, letting Canadians know Tuesday night that he is engaged.Singh, 38, proposed to girlfriend Gurkiran Kaur, 27, at a private party Tuesday night just blocks away from the Ontario legislature in Toronto where he served as a provincial legislator for six years.Singh surprised Kaur, an entrepreneur and fashion designer, with the proposal in front of several dozen friends and family members at a vegetarian restaurant where they had their first date.Singh was elected federal NDP leader last fall and had been guarded about his personal life, but social media posts in December made headlines after it was reported he and Kaur were engaged.The couple shot down the rumours, saying it was instead a “rokha” — a traditional Punjabi ceremony held ahead of a wedding and usually attended by close family.Until December, Singh had declined to confirm or deny that he was in a relationship.Along with friends and family, Singh invited several members of the media, including The Canadian Press, to witness the surprise proposal Tuesday night.Friends cheered as Singh and Kaur arrived. Singh pulled a ring out of his jacket pocket and got down on one knee to propose to Kaur, who accepted.A few moments later, the couple waded into the crowd and Kaur shouted, raising one hand in the air, “Every one, I’m engaged!”Asked why he decided to make this news public and what he wants Canadians to know about it, Singh said he was excited about the engagement.“I’m super excited to take this step forward — to have a life and future together with my partner,” he said.last_img read more

first_imgOTTAWA – Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says the government will look at ways to make things fair for those who have criminal records for marijuana possession after legalization comes into force.Goodale says the question of pardoning individuals with criminal records for possessing marijuana is legitimate and one the government will pursue once the law takes effect.“When that law changes, which will happen on the 17th of October, then the government will turn its attention to those issues that arise once the law has changed which is in fact making sure that it is fair both in current terms and historic terms to everyone,” Goodale said on CTV’S “Question Period” Sunday morning.Goodale also made the point that the existing law has not yet changed.Goodale’s office said once Bill C-45 is enacted, the government will examine how to make things fairer for individuals who have been previously convicted for minor possession offences, adding that it’s committed to reforming the pardons system.“Inaccessible pardons can be a significant barrier to good employment as many positions require criminal record checks. We want to ensure that the waiting period, fee and purpose of the program are fair, proportionate and productive,” said a spokesperson for Goodale.The government’s legislation to legalize and regulate marijuana passed last week, but it won’t come into effect for another three months.In the lead up to legalizing marijuana, the NDP repeatedly called for the decriminalization of marijuana for personal possession before it becomes legal.NDP justice critic Murray Rankin is expected to introduce a private member’s bill aimed at expunging criminal records of individuals with convicted marijuana-related crimes in the fall after the legislation comes into force.last_img read more

first_imgHolly MooreAPTN National NewsThe recent experience of a young woman from the Eskasoni First Nation in Nova Scotia shows that Aboriginal women are still at risk and still not getting much help.Kiara Denny Julian, 18, was harassed by a passer-by on her way home from work.Reporter Holly Moore travelled to the small Cape Breton community for her upcoming episode called “Precious Ones,” airing Friday, May 5 on APTN Investigates.“I usually never walk,” said Julian, who works at a local restaurant. “My family was busy and it was a nice night so I thought I might as well walk.”An older model, black pick- up truck with a red roof was parked by the local arena. As she walked past, the driver turned up his high-beam headlights.“I was confused,” she said. “I kept walking. I got to one of the driveways and he pulled in and stopped right in front of me.”Kiara Denny JulianShe said she waved the driver off and he started to turn towards her. That’s when she pulled out her phone.“I started dialing and he took off right away.”Local photographer and Eskasoni member Sasha Doucette says incidents like those Julian described are not uncommon.She said there were two other incidents where drivers approached young people walking in the First Nation and tried to lure them over. She wants the RCMP to take it more seriously.“I just don’t know what is being done about them,” she said. “They are trying their best to pick up little girls and lord knows what they want them for.”RCMP in the tiny community say they are not aware of similar incidences but encouraged those harassed to contact police.“Although we are not aware of specific occurrences, we encourage anyone who have been subject of such encounter or anyone who fear for their safety to report the matter to their local RCMP,” stated Media Relations officer Cpl. Jennifer Clarke in an email. “I don’t understand why they are trying to do that to us,” said Julian. “Especially to Aboriginal women, it makes no sense and is so rude.”Doucette said she believes the harassment problems are linked to a recent uptick in the drug and sex trades on Eskasoni.“Women are selling themselves,” she said. “They are bringing it to us. But these men should be stopped from doing that.”hmoore@aptn.calast_img read more

first_imgHe was reversing a tractor and muckspreader into a corner of the farm to empty a septic tank close to where Harry was watching from a gate next to a Dutch barn.As Green reversed the tractor and trailer Harry jumped down from the gate and crossed behind the trailer, unseen by Green whose coordination and vision was impaired by the alcohol in his bloodstream.Another farm worker, John Gill, watched from the cab of a JCB digger as he saw the muchspreader heading for Harry and shouted a warning which the youngster didn’t hear.To the horror of farm workers and Mrs Whitlam who rushed to the scene, Harry was struck. Swithens Farm in Rothwell, Leeds where 11 year old Harry Whitlam was killedCredit:Ben Lack Photography Ltd Mr Long said: “It can be concluded that the defendant is likely to have had 86mgs of alcohol in his bloodstream, two and half times the legal limit.”To have had that quantity of alcohol in his system at that time he had have had to have consumed 13 pints of beer between 10pm and 2am or its equivalent.”The effect of that would have diminished his attention, judgement and control together with his reaction times and possibly his vision. It would have significantly reduced his ability to manoeuvre the tractor and trailer.”He said Green had two previous convictions for drink driving on public roads, the most recent of which was nine years ago.Michael Collins, for Green said the remorse he felt for Harry’s death had led to suicide attempts, the first 18 days after the accident and the most recent in April of this year.He said: “I express the real sorrow the defendant had about his conduct and the emotional impact it has had and is going to continue to have.”He said that Green had not known he would be driving heavy machinery on the farm on the day he caused Harry’s death.He pleaded guilty to failing to ensure the safety of others, a charge brought under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.It was the only legal option open as the accident happened on private land.If Harry has died on a public road Green would likely have been charged with causing death by careless driving whilst under the influence of drink or drugs,  which would have carried a maximum sentence of 14 years.Sentencing Green,  Judge Guy Kearle, QC, said: “The defendant failed to conduct careful checks prior to and during the reversing procedure, possibly because of his consumption of alcohol.”He was operating potentially dangerous large machinery. To do that safely when sober requires considerable control and attention.”To do so whilst under the influence of a considerable amount of alcohol is a breach of his duty of care and had the potential to cause considerable danger and injury to other people.”He said the risk to others and the fact he had two previous drink drive incidents against him were aggravating factors and he took account of Mrs Whitlam and “the effects this had had and will continue to have on her life and her family’s life.”Harry, who had an older sister Rachel, 25, and brother Ben, 18, will never be forgotten, said his mother.Mrs Whitlam added: “I want to be able to remember Harry for so many other things but while this case has been going on it had all been about that day.” On Tuesday at Leeds Crown Court he was jailed for 16 months and two weeks under health and safety legislation which carried a maximum penalty of two years in jail. He is likely to serve half that time in jail.Had the accident happened on a public road the maximum sentence would have been 14 years and lawyers told Harry’s mother Pamela he would likely have been jailed for six years.Pamela Whitlam, 50, said after the case: “There has to be a change to this ridiculous, out-dated law and we are calling for that in Harry’s name. “The greatest shock of all was when he found out today that this man had two previous convictions for drink driving. He didn’t learn the first time, he didn’t learn the second and on the third occasion Harry was killed. Harry Whitlam died at a farm near I want to be able to remember Harry for so many other things but while this case has been going on it had all been about that dayHarry’s mother Harry Whitlam, 11, who was killed at Swithens Farm, Rothwell, LeedsCredit: Harry Whitlam died at a farm Mr Long said: “The nearside wheel of the tanker collided with him, from behind, knocking him down and running him over, causing him severe injuries from which he died.”There was a quite terrible scene, one in which the defendant and others tried to help Harry. His mother came to the scene and saw her son son unconscious and severely injured. He was taken to hospital but succumbed to his injuries the same day.”Detective Sergeant Ben Kemp, a police officer who attended, breathalised Green after he noticed he smelt of drink and that his eyes were glazed.Mr Long said: “The reading was 90mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood, more than twice the legal limit. When that was put to Mr Green he replied: ‘It is private land.'”Green told investigators “It is harvest time, I am working long hours” before admitting drinking four pints at his local pub in Wakefield, West Yorks, and two further cans when he arrived back home.A later reading was taken which showed 74mgs of alcohol, however a prosecution expert estimated the amount of drink to be much higher.center_img “The fact that he will be free within eight months is extremely distressing and we will campaign until we see this law changed.”Prosecutor Andrew Long said Harry’s death happened on August 9, 2013 at Swithens Farm, Rothwell, Leeds, where Mrs Whitlam worked in a farm shop.Harry would often go to work with her and was well known at the farm where he would help feed animals and collect eggs from the chickens.Mr Long said that after a heavy drinking session the previous night between 10pm and 2am, Green turned up to work the following day “drunk”. Harry's mother Pamela (left) and Green arrive at court Harry Whitlam, 11, who was killed at Swithens Farm, Rothwell, Leeds Harry’s mother Pamela (left) and Green arrive at A tractor driver with two previous drink-drive convictions who ran over and killed an 11-year-old boy after drinking the equivalent of 13 pints of beer may serve just eight months in jail due to a legal loophole.The mother of tragic Harry Whitlam tearfully called for the law to changed as Gary Green, 52, could not be prosecuted under drink drive laws as the accident happened on a farm.The court heard that Green was aware that drink-drive laws do not apply on a farm. His first response after being told he was over the limit was: “It’s private land.” Swithens Farm in Rothwell, Leeds where 11 year old Harry Whitlam was killed Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

first_imgUpdated 23.05pmTHE LARGEST UNION in the ESB, Unite, has confirmed that it will be serving notice of industrial action on the company this Friday.Union official Richie Browne said this is on the foot of the “overwhelming mandate for industrial action” given by members in the ballot results last Monday.The dispute centres around an agreement in 2010 to address the €1.6 billion deficit in ESB’s pension scheme which workers say the company has now breached. Changes to ESB’s accounting treatment were revealed in October though the company said this did not change the nature of the scheme.“All the ESB has to do to resolve this situation is to reverse the unilateral changes to its accounting procedures which show the workers’ Defined Benefit pension scheme as a Defined Contribution arrangement, thus camouflaging the apparent deficit and allowing the company to shrug off responsibility for current and future deficits,” Browne said today.“It is now up to the ESB to honour its agreement with workers, reverse the unilateral accounting changes and avert industrial action,” he added.Unions are due to meet with management on Thursday with calls for the government to intervene as the company warned industrial action could hit power supplies.Related: ‘Unnecessary and unreasonable’: Varadkar and Coveney hit out at ESB strike threat>More: Retail firms to switch energy providers if ESB strike goes ahead>last_img read more

first_imgBefore the end of this year, Valve will be sending out prototype Steam Machines and Steam Controllers to 300 lucky participants. The gaming giant has just revealed the specs of the prototypes, and they are quite varied, notably the graphics cards and processors.Valve has stated on numerous occasions that the Steam Machine can be made however a manufacturer wants, and has even further emphasized that the specs of different Steam Machines can and will vary. For the 300 prototypes, Valve has laid out the different hardware combinations that will appear in each box.The GPUs will be an exclusive Nvidia affair; the prototypes will contain either an Nvidia Titan,  a GTX660, 760, or 780. The CPUs will be provided by Intel; either an i7-4770, an i5-4570, or an i3. The Machine will have 16GB of DDR3 RAM, while the GPU will have 3GB of DDR5. The storage will be a 1TB and 8GB hybrid SSHD, while the power supply will be 450w, and internal.If you were expecting something along the lines of the tiny Xi3 Piston, it would seem that isn’t the case for the 300 prototypes. Though the specs are widely varied, they all wouldn’t fit neatly into a palm-sized cube. The prototype housing may still be small at 12×12.4×2.9, but you’ll have to be in the NBA to be able to palm it like you could palm a Piston. It’s more or less the size of a DVD player — not nearly as big as a monster gaming rig, but you’ll have to make a bit of room for it under your desk.Valve will be sharing the source CAD files for the enclosure at some point, just in case other people want to build one.So, while some of us may not see the point of the Steam Machine, Valve is packing a decent amount of power into a box smaller the gaming tower that sits under your desk. If Valve can get the price point well below what it would cost to buy all of those components on your own (through clever partnerships, perhaps), though, the Steam Machine could be an easy PC gaming solution.last_img read more

first_imgStay on target Watch: Dolphin Leaps Feet Away From Unsuspecting SurferWatch: Deep-Sea Octopus ‘Billows Like a Circus Tent’ A one-year-old Arctic fox has left scientists “speechless” after it made an epic journey from Norway to Canada, covering 2,176 miles in a record-breaking 76 days.The female fox made the journey from Spitsbergen, the largest island of the Svalbard archipelago, located between mainland Norway and the North Pole, to Ellesmere Island, Canada, according to research published in the journal Polar Research.Published this morning: “Arctic fox dispersal from Svalbard to Canada: one female’s long run across sea ice” This is the first satellite tracking of natal dispersal by an Arctic fox between continents. Authors: Eva Fuglei and Arnaud Tarroux— Polar Research (@PolarResearch) June 25, 2019Scientists from Norway’s Polar Institute, which fitted the Arctic fox with a satellite transmitter in 2017, said it undertook one of the longest dispersal events — a movement from the birth place to a potential breeding location — ever recorded for the species, CNN reported.The fox started her journey in March 2018, at just under a year old. She walked nearly 1,000 miles from the archipelago near the North Pole to Greenland. She completed this leg in just 21 days, then began the second part of her trek.The fox then walked about 1,242 miles farther to Canada’s Ellesmere Island. The whole trek took her just 76 days, averaging about 28.4 miles a day. Amazingly, it covered 96.3 miles in just one day as it crossed the Greenland ice sheet.The Arctic fox used sea ice to travel from Norway to Greenland to Canada. (Photo Credit: Regis Vincent / Getty Images)Scientists said this is the fastest rate recorded for this species, 1.4 times faster than the previous known record held by an adult male Arctic fox that was tracked in Alaska.Researcher Eva Fuglei said the team couldn’t believe what they were seeing as they tracked the fox, which may have initially left Norway because of a scarcity of food.“We couldn’t believe our eyes at first,” Fuglei told Norway’s NRK public broadcaster. “We thought perhaps it was dead, or had been carried there on a boat, but there were no boats in the area. We were quite thunderstruck.”Fjellreven vandret via havisen fra #Svalbard i Europa til #Canada i Nord-Amerika i et tempo ingen forskere tidligere har dokumentert. Foto: Elise Stømseng Les mer:— Norsk Polarinstitutt (@NorskPolar) June 26, 2019Fuglei’s team has been tracking how foxes cope with the dramatic changes of the Arctic seasons.By crossing extensive stretches of sea and ice glacier during her journey, the fox highlighted “the exceptional movement capacity of this small-sized carnivore species,” the report said.Researchers believe the fox curled up in the snow to sit out bad weather, and may have sped up as it crossed the ice sheet due to limited foraging opportunities.The Arctic fox is an incredibly hardy animal that can survive frigid Arctic temperatures as low as minus 58 degrees F. (Photo Credit: micheldenijs / Getty Images)The ambitious fox cold have traveled even farther, but its current whereabouts is unknown as the transmitter stopped working on February 6, 2019.According to National Geographic, the Arctic fox is an incredibly hardy animal that can survive frigid Arctic temperatures as low as minus 58 degrees F in the treeless lands where it makes its home.The average Arctic fox lives to be three to six years old in the wild. They eat practically any animal — alive or dead — but rely on populations of rodents, especially lemmings, voles, and other small mammals. They will also eat birds, insects, eggs, berries, reptiles, and amphibians.More on Tiny Bird Made One of the Longest Migrations Ever — And It Was Wearing a BackpackStrange ‘Cat-Fox’ Found in French Island Could Be New SpeciesPhotographer Captures ‘Best Bear Fight Ever’ in Wild Videolast_img read more

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — The Wilmington Middle School has released its Quarter 4 Honor Roll for the 2017-2018 school year, as well as its Final Honor Roll for the school year.Quarter 4 Honor RollThe following students earned honors for the fourth quarter:Grade 8High HonorsEmir Abdulla, Matthew Ardito, Anthony Biarrio, Taylor Breen, Margaret Carroll, Akash Chatterji, Angelyn Ciampa, Audrey Curdo, Jamie Davis, Nicholas DiNatale, Will Doucette, Rhiannon Dyment, Joseph Dynan, Edward Edgerly, Cameron Eich, Olivia Erler, Maura Fiorenza, Corinn Flanagan, Emersyn Foresyth, Rowan Fortier, Emily Fothergill, Alyssa Fricia, Anay Gandhi, Dante Giampaolo, Keegan Gray, Jacob Haerer, Lauren Hutchison, Andrew Lavigne, Holly Lemay, Paige Lohrman, Kristina Mason, Tayla McDonald, Emily McHugh, Michael Moody, Jenna Moore, Samantha Morris, Meghan O’Mahony, Angela Palino, Lillian Perriello, Alyssa Rago, Adriana Rice, Olivia Rogers, Kelli Schuler, Evan Shackelford, Amanda Solari, Emilia Spina, Kevin Stevens, Laura Tran, Sandra Watne, Kari Wells, Grace Wiberg-Pichetti and Haeleigh WilsonHonor RollSalvatore Accardi, John Andersen, Alex Andoni, Anthony Angiuoni, Caitlin Balestrieri, Sofia Barletta, Dillon Bloom, Isabella Botte, Nokomis Bramantecohen, Michael Broderick, Amanda Broussard, Marisa Bryan, Sara Buckley, Vincent Callahan, Julia Campbell, Jake Chirichiello, Victoria Ciampa, Sarah Cirame, Daniel Conde, Bianca Corso, Shane Costello, Shea Cushing, Thomas Dalton, Jenna Danieli, Brett DeAmbrose, Jayden DeFrancesco, Joseph DeMoura, Brian DeOliveira, Gabrielle DeVerbigier, Tristan DiMeco, Kaitlyn Doherty, Jake Dwyer, Liam Dwyer, Jake Estrada, Haley Fisher, Danielle Flaherty, Alex Flynn, Allison Foley, Abigail Frye, Charles Gardner, Brian Gargan, Lauren Giuliana, Alyssa Granara, Lauryn Hanafin, Daevin Harless, Samantha Jareo, Angelina Johnson, Isabella Kieran, Celia Kulis, Sarah LaVita, Alexa Leone, Emily Long, Jeremiah Lozzi, Kaitlyn Maguire, Jeffrey Mahoney, Ella Malvone, Cameron Marzilli, Alexis Meza, Gabriella Monteforte, Chase Moreau, Madison Mulas, Jack Munro, Cassidy Murphy, Rachel Nally, Medha Pal, Leah Paolillo, Quinn Proulx, Isabelle Puccio, Allison Rebeiro, Nathaniel Rebinskas, John Rhind, Edward Ricupero, Rita Roche, Lilly Rubin, Andrew Ruff, Aislinn Simonelli, Kaitlyn Smith, Olivia Spizuoco, Andrew Stokes, William Stuart, Adam Sulick, Caterina Tassone, Faith Thacker-Benoit, Joshua Tompkins, Jack Toomey, Katherine Trach, Adrian Trotta, Jonathan Villalta, John Ware, Emily Watson, Zachary Weinstein, Erik Woodland and Madison WrightGrade 7High HonorsCasey Ahlin, Nikhitha Biju, Allison Bolanos, Mallory Brown, Sarah Bryan, Grace Constantine, Sebastien DeVerbigier De Saint-Paul, Alisha DiNuccio, Alexis Edwards, Antonio Erickson, Eric Fischer, Cameryn Foresyth, Marissa Gallozzi, Thomas Gargan, Kylie Gates, Caitlyn George, Rachel George, Kelly Gonzalez, Rachel Gonzalez, Emily Gray, Carolyn Haas-Timm, Elisabeth Hayduk, Kaelin Healy, Lauryn Hurley, Dylan Hurynowicz, Lian Juergens, Julia Kane, Ryan Kanihan, Nikos Koss, Audrey LaConte, Rachel Langevin, Paige Lipski, Kammi Lucot, Ava MacGilvray, Jonathan Magliozzi, Srikar Mallajosyula, Carlie Malonson, Owen Mitchell, Michael Monteforte, Carina O’Donnell, Isabella Piazza, Audrey Powers, Emily Provost, Katrina Riekstins, Ethan Ryan, Ryan Willson and Ella WingateHonor RollNathan Alberti, Sofia Skye Almeida, Sarah Arruda, Colleen Baldi, Emily Banks, Brian Barry, Sophia Bavota, Natalia Bernard, Kylee Bevis, Ryan Bornstein, Christian Botte, Karianne Calvoni, Griffin Carr, Noah Carriere, Alyssa Cavanaugh, Lukas Charini, Jessica Collins, Sydney Collins, Anabelle Cook, Samantha Cronin, Owen Cushing, Jonathan Dalton, Ava DeProfio, John Dugan, Brett Ebert, Rose Ebert, Daniel Epie, Austin Farrell, Dominic Feeney, Justin Finnegan, Kaitlyn Finnegan, James Fisher, Brenden Fitzpatrick, Lily Flynn, Brett Gallucci, Lucas Gorham, Brayden Gorski, Julia Gray, Alexa Graziano, Luis Gunera, Katelin Hally, Courtney Howell, Sara Hughes, Michael Ings, Emma Jensen, Lindsey Kane, Ryan LaRoche, Sofia Lipsanopoulos, Colleen Logan, Liam Lydon, Aiden MacLeod, Kaytlyn MacPherson, Katie Manjourides, Marni McBride, Joseph McCauley, Dennis McConologue, Dillon McGrath, Sloane McIntyre, Jaelin Mitchell, Roman Moretti, Tyler Nguyen, Christian Niceforo, Sarah Nille, Reegan Noble, Carlena Osgood, Rylie Patterson, Adam Quamme, Paige Rivera, Casey Robbins, Jacob Roque, Thomas Sica, Jacob Smith, Kassidy Smith, Laine Stockman, Patrick Stokes, Ryan Thomas, Dylan Tran, Emily Tran, Evan Uftring, Mia Vestal, Matthew Villalta, Jonathan Vlamis, Jackson Ward, Ryan Watson, Page Williams, Ella Wing, Connor Wood and Brenna YoungGrade 6High HonorsLindsay Anthony, Mantvydas Banevicius, Thomas Bradley, Hannah Bryson, Thomas Burns, Megan Cali, Ellianna Chronopoulos, Antonia Di Zoglio, Brianne Dillon, Sofia DiNatale, Alison Doherty, Michael Dynan, Robert Elliott, Hannah Finberg, Josephine Finberg, Anuj Gandhi, Alissa Ganley, Alicia Gardner, Austin Harper, Abigail Hassell, Ian Jackson, Caroline Jenks, Samar Johar, Siddharth Karani, James Keck, Kyla Kelley, Alex Kennedy, Ava Kennedy, Emerson Keohane, Emily Kitanov, Sara Kulis, Clyde Lambert, Alexandra Lavigne, Colin Lawson, Molly MacDonald, Kelci MacKenzie, Lily MacKenzie, Andrew Maiella, Benjamin Marvin, John McLaughlin, Jake McLean, Maryellen McMahon, Alexis Melvin, Adrienne Moore, Nathan Murray, Lily O’Malley, Keira Rice, Charles Rosa, Riley Rourke, Avis Samaha, Olivia Solari, Kevin Stano, Neda Stoeva, Keira Sullivan, Carly Thayer, Cassandra Tibbetts, Emma-Rose Toomey, Sarthak Tripathi, Marc Vanella, Priscilla Vo, Rachel Wright and Adam YalcinHonor RollJuliana Angiuoni, Julia Archer, Madison Benoit, Zachary Blonigen, Jake Bourgeois, Jacob Breitenbach, Shaylan Bresnahan, Samantha Bryan, Ciara Cameron, Nathan Cardin, Christian Carpinella, Andrew Castelli, Julien Cella, Christina Chesbrough, Katelyn Cirame, Timothy Clark, Connor Crane, Michaela Crowe, Luca Cudia, Maria Cummings, Kayleigh Cunningham, Robert Cyr, Adam Davis, Ava DeOliveira, Michael DeRose, Emma Diorio, Emily Doherty, Alexia Engvaldsen, Emma Erickson, Emma Flynn, Jonathan Foresyth, Paige Fuller, Joseph Galvin, Gracy Giammarco, Emily Grace, Aidan Guyette, Courtney Healy, Kylee Hodge, Patrick Hounsell, Nikolaos Iascone, Anna Jancsics, Isabel Jordan, Kevin Kane, Tyler Kaszuba, Ethan Kennedy, Gabrielle Kulevich, Ericka L’Esperance, Sophia LaVita, Michael Lawler, Annabelle Lozzi, Joseph Malvone, Jessica Martinson, Kevin Mason, Michael McCarthy, Tatum McDonald, Daniel McElligott, Ashley Mercier, Jaycee Mitchell, Nicole Morello, Dylan Mullarky, Katherine Murphy, Ryan Murphy, Madisyn Murray, Abigail Nolan, Christopher O’Donell, Sean O’Donoghue, Michael Oatis, Eva Oppedisano, Mollie Osgood, Eric Packer, Sean Patrone, Juliana Ragucci, Molly Rasphoumy, Elsa Richards, Zachary Rogers, Charles Rooney, Madelynne Sainato, Nicholas Samaha, Hunter Sands, Phoebe Sassone, Lindsay Scalese, Antonio Smolinsky, Mia Stryhalaleck, Patrick Tassone, Grace Walsh, Molly Walsh, Daniel Watne, Ryan Weinstein, Braeden White, Evan Woltag and Benjamin WrightFinal Honor RollThe following students earned honor roll status with their final grade for the year:Grade 8High HonorsEmir Abdulla, John Andersen, Benjamin Andrus, Matthew Ardito, Anthony Biarrio, Taylor Breen, Amanda Broussard, Margaret Carroll, Akash Chatterji, Angelyn Ciampa, Audrey Curdo, Brian DeOliveira, Nicholas DiNatale, Will Doucette, Rhiannon Dyment, Joseph Dynan, Cameron Eich, Olivia Erler, Maura Fiorenza, Corinn Flanagan, Alex Flynn, Allison Foley, Rowan Fortier, Emily Fothergill, Alyssa Fricia, Anay Gandhi, Dante Giampaolo, Jacob Haerer, Lauryn Hanafin, Andrew Lavigne, Sarah LaVita, Holly Lemay, Paige Lohrman, Kristina Mason, Tayla McDonald, Emily McHugh, Michael Moody, Samantha Morris, Angela Palino, Lillian Perriello, Quinn Proulx, Alyssa Rago, Adriana Rice, Olivia Rogers, Lilly Rubin, Kelli Schuler, Evan Shackelford, Amanda Solari, Emilia Spina, Kevin Stevens, Caterina Tassone, Faith Thacker-Benoit, Laura Tran, Jonathan Villalta, Sandra Watne, Emily Watson, Kari Wells, Grace Wiberg-Pichetti, Haeleigh Wilson and Erik WoodlandHonor RollSalvatore Accardi, William Alworth, Alex Andoni, Anthony Angiuoni, Caitlin Balestrieri, Sofia Barletta, Christianna Bittarelli, Dillon Bloom, Isabella Botte, Nokomis Bramantecohen, Kayla Braz, Michael Broderick, Marisa Bryan, Sara Buckley, Vincent Callahan, Julia Campbell, Jake Chirichiello, Victoria Ciampa, Sarah Cirame, Daniel Conde, Bianca Corso, Shane Costello, Liam Crowley, Shea Cushing, Thomas Dalton, Jenna Danieli, Jamie Davis, Brett DeAmbrose, Jayden DeFrancesco, Joseph DeMoura, Gabrielle DeVerbigier, Kaitlyn Doherty, Kirk Donovan, Ryan Dusablon, Jake Dwyer, Liam Dwyer, Edward Edgerly, Jake Estrada, Jack Farrell, Haley Fisher, Danielle Flaherty, Emersyn Foresyth, Christopher Frizzell, Abigail Frye, Dominic Gabardi, Ashley Gallezzo, Charles Gardner, Brian Gargan, Lauren Giuliana, Alyssa Granara, Bryam Guevara, Daevin Harless, Emily Hassell, Lauren Hutchison, Angelina Johnson, Isabella Kieran, Celia Kulis, Thomas Kullman, Alexa Leone, Emily Long, Jeremiah Lozzi, Kaitlyn Maguire, Jeffrey Mahoney, Ella Malvone, Cameron Marzilli, Alexis Meza, Gabriella Monteforte, Jenna Moore, Chase Moreau, Madison Mulas, Jack Munro, Cassidy Murphy, Anthony Naimo, Rachel Nally, Kelsie Nansel, Meghan O’Mahony, Nathaniel Packer, Medha Pal, Leah Paolillo, Joseph Pastore, Isabelle Puccio, Allison Rebeiro, Nathaniel Rebinskas, John Rhind, Edward Ricupero, Jack Rooney, Andrew Ruff, Kaitlyn Smith, Olivia Spizuoco, Andrew Stokes, William Stuart, Adam Sulick, Joshua Tompkins, Jack Toomey, Adrian Trotta, John Ware, Zachary Weinstein, Madison Wright, Matthew Wright, Angelina Zaykovskaya and Joseph ZuccolaGrade 7High HonorsCasey Ahlin, Nikhitha Biju, Mallory Brown, Sarah Bryan, Griffin Carr, Grace Constantine, Samantha Cronin, Alisha DiNuccio, Alexis Edwards, Antonio Erickson, Eric Fischer, Cameryn Foresyth, Thomas Gargan, Caitlyn George, Rachel George, Rachel Gonzalez, Emily Gray, Carolyn Haas-Timm, Elisabeth Hayduk, Sara Hughes, Lauryn Hurley, Julia Kane, Ryan Kanihan, Nikos Koss, Audrey LaConte, Paige Lipski, Kammi Lucot, Srikar Mallajosyula, Carlie Malonson, Katie Manjourides, Dennis McConologue, Owen Mitchell, Michael Monteforte, Carina O’Donnell, Audrey Powers, Emily Provost, Ethan Ryan, Thomas Sica, Emily Tran, Matthew Villalta, Ryan Willson, Ella Wingate and Connor WoodHonor RollNathan Alberti, Sofia Skye Almeida, Sarah Arruda, Nicholas Atwater, Colleen Baldi, Emily Banks, Brian Barry, Natalia Bernard, Kylee Bevis, Allison Bolanos, Ryan Bornstein, Lexi Bowen, Karianne Calvoni, James Caples, Noah Carriere, Isabella Catalano, Alyssa Cavanaugh, Lukas Charini, Jessica Collins, Sydney Collins, Anabelle Cook, Owen Cushing, Jonathan Dalton, Jonathan DeFeo, Ava DeProfio, Sebastien DeVerbigier De Saint-Paul, Robert Dodge, John Dugan, Brett Ebert, Daniel Epie, Austin Farrell, Justin Finnegan, Kaitlyn Finnegan, James Fisher, Brenden Fitzpatrick, Kayla Flynn, Lily Flynn, Corinne Forcina, Cameron Gagnon, Marissa Gallozzi, Brett Gallucci, Kylie Gates, Lucas Gorham, Brayden Gorski, Alexa Graziano, Luis Gunera, Katelin Hally, Ryan Hayden, Kaelin Healy, Courtney Howell, Dylan Hurynowicz, Michael Ings, Emma Jensen, Lian Juergens, Lindsey Kane, Talina Khalil, Ryan LaRoche, Calvin Lemay, Michael Lewis, Sofia Lipsanopoulos, Colleen Logan, Cooper Loisel, Ava MacGilvray, Kaytlyn MacPherson, Jonathan Magliozzi, Marni McBride, Madelyn McCarron, Dillon McGrath, Sloane McIntyre, John McNamara, Kelsey Mendonca, Roman Moretti, Tyler Nguyen, Reegan Noble, Carlena Osgood, Aryan Patil, Rylie Patterson, Timothy Pearson, Isabella Piazza, Erica Raimo, Katrina Riekstins, Casey Robbins, Jacob Roque, Tyler Sheehan, Jacob Smith, Kassidy Smith, Laine Stockman, Patrick Stokes, Gregory Stratouly, Ryan Thomas, Evan Uftring, Mia Vestal, Jonathan Vlamis, Jackson Ward, Ella Wing, Brenna Young, Burke Zimmer and Marjorie ZimmerGrade 6High HonorsLindsay Anthony, Mantvydas Banevicius, Hannah Bryson, Megan Cali, Nathan Cardin, Ellianna Chronopoulos, Adam Davis, Antonia Di Zoglio, Brianne Dillon, Sofia DiNatale, Alison Doherty, Michael Dynan, Robert Elliott, Hannah Finberg, Josephine Finberg, Paige Fuller, Alissa Ganley, Alicia Gardner, Austin Harper, Abigail Hassell, Ian Jackson, Anna Jancsics, Caroline Jenks, Siddharth Karani, James Keck, Kyla Kelley, Alex Kennedy, Emerson Keohane, Emily Kitanov, Sara Kulis, Clyde Lambert, Alexandra Lavigne, Colin Lawson, Molly MacDonald, Kelci MacKenzie, Lily MacKenzie, Andrew Maiella, Joseph Malvone, Benjamin Marvin, John McLaughlin, Alexis Melvin, Adrienne Moore, Nathan Murray, Keira Rice, Elsa Richards, Charles Rooney, Charles Rosa, Riley Rourke, Neda Stoeva, Mia Stryhalaleck, Keira Sullivan, Patrick Tassone, Emma-Rose Toomey, Priscilla Vo, Ryan Weinstein, Rachel Wright and Adam YalcinHonor RollAvery Allen, Tobechi Amakor, Juliana Angiuoni, Julia Archer, Madison Benoit, Jared Bishop, Zachary Blonigen, Jake Bourgeois, Thomas Bradley, Jacob Breitenbach, Shaylan Bresnahan, Samantha Bryan, Thomas Burns, Ciara Cameron, Luke Cardin, Christian Carpinella, Andrew Castelli, Julien Cella, Christina Chesbrough, Katelyn Cirame, Timothy Clark, Connor Crane, Michaela Crowe, Luca Cudia, Maria Cummings, Kayleigh Cunningham, Robert Cyr, Sophia DeHart, Ava DeOliveira, Michael DeRose, Emma Diorio, Emily Doherty, Alexia Engvaldsen, Arianna Farrell, Emma Flynn, Jonathan Foresyth, Joseph Galvin, Anuj Gandhi, Rachel Garrett, Gracy Giammarco, Tiago Gomez, Emily Grace, Bruce Green Audette, Elizabeth Griffith, Courtney Healy, Patrick Hounsell, Nikolaos Iascone, Samar Johar, Tyler Kaszuba, Ava Kennedy, Ethan Kennedy, Gabrielle Kulevich, Anastasiia Kylinska, Ericka L’Esperance, Andrew Lamb, Sophia LaVita, Michael Lawler, Annabelle Lozzi, Isabella Luis, Jessica Martinson, Kevin Mason, Michael McCarthy, Tatum McDonald, Jake McLean, Maryellen McMahon, Ashley Mercier, Layne Miller, Samantha Miller, Jaycee Mitchell, Nicole Morello, Katherine Murphy, Ryan Murphy, Abigail Nolan, Christopher O’Donell, Sean O’Donoghue, Lily O’Malley, Michael Oatis, Eva Oppedisano, Mollie Osgood, Eric Packer, Lauryn Parr, Sean Patrone, Molly Rasphoumy, Ava Rega, Zachary Rogers, Madelynne Sainato, Avis Samaha, Nicholas Samaha, Phoebe Sassone, Lindsay Scalese, Antonio Smolinsky, Olivia Solari, Eric Spinney, Julee Sutton, Carly Thayer, Cassandra Tibbetts, Sarthak Tripathi, Joseph Wallace, Grace Walsh, Molly Walsh, Mackenzie Ware, Anna Warford, Daniel Watne, Braeden White, Evan Woltag and Benjamin Wright(NOTE: The above Honor Roll was submitted by Wilmington Middle School. Cover photo is from Jamie Boudreau of Airgoz Aerial Photography)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedWilmington High School Announces Fourth Quarter Honor RollIn “Education”STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Wilmington’s Rachel DiFronzo Named To Honor Roll At Bishop FenwickIn “Education”STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: 6 Wilmington Students Earn Academic Honors At St. John’s PrepIn “Education”last_img read more

first_img “When they talk about their electric cars, many carmakers promote the same rational and empirical data-driven messages as they do with their internal combustion engined cars, such as range, economy and performance criteria,” Guillaume explains. “Kia prides itself on its power to surprise, which is why we wanted to move away from the rational and focus on the emotional, and embrace a warmer and more human approach to electrification.”OK, so let’s talk about what we do know: Kia’s concept is a large, C-segment car with a high-riding stance, “intentionally designed to not sit within the industry’s predefined vehicle categories,” according to the automaker’s statement. The front fascia has an illuminated grille surround, and the main headlights are housed in individual blocks of glass. Underneath the car is a “low-mounted, induction-charged battery pack that powers a compact drivetrain.” (This vague powertrain data is as technical as Kia gets.) Geneva Motor Show 2019 If you’re looking for hard data about Kia’s electric Geneva Motor Show concept, you’re out of luck. Dubbed “Imagine by Kia,” this big four-door doesn’t focus on things like power or range or advanced driving tech. Instead, it’s all about emotion.”Today’s drivers understandably have many questions about electric cars. They’re concerned about range, the recharging network and whether electric cars will still be dynamic and engaging to drive,” said Gregory Guillaume, Kia’s vice president of design, in a statement. “So, when we first started thinking about this concept and imagining what its role would be, we knew that the best way to answer those questions and address those concerns was by approaching electrification purely from an emotional point of view.”Answering questions by — *checks notes* — not answering them? Go on… Concept Cars Electric Cars 0 1:45 Kia See All Now playing: Watch this: reading • Kia Imagines an electric car with coach doors, silk seats and 21 screens Tags Geneva Motor Show 2019 Kia Mar 7 • New Peugeot 208 debuts i-Cockpit with 3D HUD Combo dashboard Apr 17 • The 2020 Jaguar XE gets its first major visual refresh 16 Photos Share your voice Mar 8 • VW is still ‘100 percent’ investigating a pickup truck for the US 2019 Kia K900: The best luxury sedan you’ve never heard of 2020 Kia Soul EV first drive: More style, more range, more fun ‘Imagine by Kia’ concept: part design study, part parody Imagine by Kia Concept brings 21 screens to the Geneva Motor Show The exterior color comes off as a sort of bronze, and there’s a lot of depth to the hue. Kia says six layers of chrome-effect silver paint were applied to the car’s body, and then covered in a bronze tint.A single piece of glass serves as the windshield and the roof, and tapers into a double-bubble design over the rear of the car. The more you look at the car, the more its elegant surfacing becomes apparent. But because of its 22-inch wheels, wrapped in Goodyear 255/35-series “Intelligrip EV Concept” tires, and large car proportions, it’s hard to tell if this car is really worthy of being called “pretty.” Seeing it in person will surely help.Enlarge ImageKia says the Imagine is about the size of a C-segment sedan, but uses SUV styling cues. Kia Open the coach doors and move inside, and you’re greeted by 21 individual ultra high-resolution screens. The displays curve their way across the dashboard for a look that’s “both casual and coordinated,” according to Kia. This super techy display is actually Kia poking fun at modern cars’ ever-growing infotainment displays.”These 21 incredibly thin screens are a humorous and irreverent riposte to the ongoing competition between some automotive manufacturers to see who can produce the car with the biggest screen,” Kia Europe’s head of interior design, Ralph Kluge, said in a statement.Imagine by Kia ConceptEnlarge ImageYo dawg, we heard you like screens… Kia When viewed from the driver’s seat, the 21 screens appear to form one single display. A robust infotainment system is said to be housed within, with “birds-eye navigation,” as well as the usual roster of media and connected functionality.The slim seating surfaces are covered in leather and silk, and the floating center console sits above the low, flat load floor. Two cargo compartments are found up front (a frunk) and around back, and the Imagine Concept uses a hatchback design, for easier access to your belongings.Given the lack of tangible data, it’s hard to, uh, Imagine this car is destined for production in some form or another. But we like what we see in terms of lighting and infotainment design, as well as body surfacing. Kia’s concept car may be short on details, but there’s certainly a lot to talk about.Imagine by Kia ConceptEnlarge ImageThe hatchback design is said to visually link this concept to the Kia Stinger. Kia More From Roadshow Post a comment 2020 Kia Telluride review: Kia’s new SUV has big style and bigger value Mar 7 • The Ferrari F8 Tributo is the last of the nonhybrid V8s •last_img read more

first_imgThe first cruise ship of the 2019 season is scheduled to arrive in Unalaska on May 6. (Photo by Berett Wilber/KUCB)Twenty cruise ships are slated to call on Unalaska this year.That’ll set a new record, according to Executive Director Carlin Enlow of the Unalaska/Port of Dutch Harbor Convention and Visitors Bureau. “We were going to have 13 cruise ships a couple years ago, and three of them canceled,” she said. “We went down to eight last year. So to have 20 cruise ships this year is a huge, huge increase.”The first vessel will arrive May 6, with cruise season continuing through the end of September.In the past, Unalaska has generally seen smaller ships with 200 to 300 passengers. But this year, Enlow said most ships will carry 500 to 700.“It’s going to make it busy, because there’ll be a steady incoming of medium-sized ship after medium-sized ship after medium-sized ship,” Enlow said. “After this season, I think the city will be able to see what is working and what is not working.”Enlow is referring to the difficult logistics surrounding cruise season in a small community — coordinating buses from the port, dealing with extra pedestrian traffic, and managing greater demand at stores and restaurants.Unalaska is still grappling with the challenges that come with more vessels. Because of that, Enlow said the Visitors Bureau doesn’t solicit ships — and she doesn’t want that to change anytime soon.“We just don’t have the infrastructure right now,” she said. “We don’t have the facilities. I don’t think we even have the slightest idea of what we would do if there was an emergency and we had 500 to 2,000 extra people on the island. There’s a lot that needs to be talked about and put in place before we would even consider going out for bids or soliciting cruise ships.”So while tourism demand is growing, Enlow said she doesn’t foresee Unalaska becoming a major cruise ship destination like Ketchikan or Juneau.“I like our little haven out here, being this little tight-knit community, and this island being our secret home,” she said. “The flip side is this is a great alternative revenue source for our community. If fishing were to take a nosedive, then tourism could be another income source.”Enlow said increased tourism will be good for existing small businesses and nonprofits — and could even support new businesses that cater to visitors.That’s a sentiment echoed by the Aleutian Pribilof Island Community Development Association, which has invested startup funds in two local ventures. One would provide bike rentals, while the other would offer tours and recreational equipment, including jet skis and paddle boats.last_img read more

first_imgFollowing other carriers, Indigo has also rolled out a flash sale, with fares starting as low as ₹1,727.The travel period for tickets booked under the monsoon offer, which will end on 13 June, is from 1 July-30 September, 2015. The quarter is considered as a lean period in the aviation industry.On Wednesday, state-owned airline Air India had announced a similar sale and its starting fares was ₹1,777 for domestic destinations. The booking for its monsoon offer ends on 12 June.Air India’s offer is applicable on travel period between 1 July to 30 September, 2015, covering 66 destinations in Air India’s domestic network.Last week, Jet Airways, SpiceJet, and AirAsia India had launched such offers to improve passenger traffic during the July-September lean season.Domestic airlines witnessed a 21 percent growth in passenger traffic to 251.05 lakh during January-April 2015 as compared to 207 lakh in the same period last year, NDTV Profit reported.The domestic aviation landscape has undergone a sea change with the entry of new low-cost carriers Vistara and AirAsia, resulting in competitive tariffs to gain market share.Budget airline SpiceJet announced the launch of its discount sale last Tuesday. Its one-way fares start at ₹1,299.The three-day sale was offered to celebrate SpiceJet’s completion of a decade in the aviation industry and its return to profitability in the January-March quarter. The sale began on 2 June and ended on 4 June for travel period between 20 June and 31 July, 2015.Debt-ridden budget carrier SpiceJet posted profit for the first time in seven quarters. It earned a profit of ₹22.5 crore in the March quarter.last_img read more

first_imgThe dead bodies of people killed by drinking toxic bootleg liquor are gathered together at Kushal Konwar Civil Hospital in Golaghat district in the northeastern Indian state of Assam on 23 February 2019. Sixty-nine workers have died and at least 200 others have been hospitalised in northeastern India after drinking toxic liquor, officials said 23 February, in the latest case of alcohol poisoning in the country. Photo: AFPAt least 35 more workers have died in northeastern India after drinking toxic liquor, police said Sunday, taking the death toll from the latest mass alcohol poisoning beyond 130.The deaths in Assam state came less than two weeks after tainted liquor killed about 100 people in the northern states of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.In addition to the latest toll, at least 200 more people were still hospitalised across Assam.”The death toll has reached 133 in Golaghat and Jorhat districts from the hooch tragedy,” Mukesh Agarwala, additional director general of state police, told AFP on Sunday.”A total of ten people have been arrested. We have sent the samples of the liquor… to a forensic laboratory. The report is awaited,” he added.Police said people started falling sick after consuming a batch of illegally produced liquor late Thursday.The victims, who include many women, worked at local tea estates in the region.Doctors said those rushed to hospital in a critical condition were suffering from severe vomiting, extreme chest pain and breathlessness.Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal has ordered an inquiry into the deaths.Apart from the arrests, two excise department officials were suspended for failing to take adequate precautions over the sale of the alcohol.Assam health minister Himanta Biswa Sarma vowed those responsible for the tainted booze would be brought to justice.Cheap, locally made liquor is common in parts of rural India and bootleggers often add methanol — a highly toxic form of alcohol sometimes used as an antifreeze — to their product to increase its strength.If ingested in large quantities, methanol can cause blindness, liver damage and death.Hundreds of mainly poor people die each year in the South Asian country from tainted liquor, which normally costs just a few US cents a bottle.Of the estimated five billion litres of alcohol drunk every year in India, around 40 per cent is illegally produced, according to the International Spirits and Wine Association of India.Many Indian states have implemented or pushed for prohibition, which, according to critics, further increases the unsupervised manufacture and sale of alcohol.last_img read more

first_imgThe Rosedale Volunteer Fire Company is sponsoring a Bull Roast & Shrimp Feast on Nov. 14 from 8 p.m. to midnight at Rosedale Gardens, 8037 Philadelphia Road, Rosedale, Maryland 21237. For more information call (410) 866-2592.last_img

first_imgKolkata: The Alipore weather office on Tuesday predicted moderate rainfall in the city and other districts of South Bengal on Friday and Saturday, which is expected to provide relief from the scorching heat of the sun prevailing for the last few days.”Thunderstorm activities in districts of South Bengal will start from the later part of Thursday and the intensity of such activities will increase from Friday. Birbhum, Murshidabad, West Burdwan, Bankura and Purulia will witness thunderstorms accompanied by scattered rainfall from Thursday evening. Widespread monsoon is expected on Friday and Saturday,” said Sanjib Bandopadhyay, deputy director of Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) Kolkata. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataThe weather office informed that the cyclonic circulation is expected to be formed in coastal Bengal and Odisha in a few days and rainfall is expected from that condition. The monsoon trough that is passing over the foothills of the Himalayas bringing heavy rainfall in North Bengal since Monday, will descend downwards to the plains. “The hot and humid condition causing profuse perspiration for the people of South Bengal including Kolkata, will continue till the rainfall,” a senior official of the Alipore weather office said. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateNorth Bengal will have intense rainfall till Wednesday and Alipurduar will have the maximum amount of rainfall. The other districts like Darjeeling, Cooch Behar, Jalpaiguri, Malda and even North Dinajpur and South Dinajpur will also receive good amounts of rainfall. The effect of rain will lessen in North Bengal from Thursday and will be relatively lower since Friday. “We hope that the predictions of the weather office come true. We have been eagerly waiting for the rain god to smile upon us. There has been so much rain in North Bengal but not here,” said Saikat Ray, a city dweller.last_img read more

first_imgGo back to the e-newsletter >Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide today announced the debut of Tribute Portfolio in Europe with the addition of the Great Northern Hotel in London.Launched this past April as Starwood’s 10th brand, Tribute Portfolio is a collection of outstanding independent hotels and resorts, promising owners, SPG members and guests alike the ability to “Stay Independent”. The signing of the Great Northern Hotel – a historic King’s Cross London landmark – is a significant step in the global roll-out of Tribute Portfolio and reflects the growing global trend for independent, yet dependable high-end travel experiences.“We are delighted to welcome the Great Northern Hotel as the first Tribute Portfolio property in Europe,” said Dave Marr, Global Brand Leader for Tribute Portfolio and Sheraton Hotels & Resorts. “The hotel has been designed with such meticulous attention to detail, and we’re excited to partner alongside Mr Jeremy Robson as he continues to bring his independent vision to life.”Situated within the new Western Concourse of King’s Cross and just 25m from the Eurostar terminus at St Pancras International, the Great Northern is one of the finest upscale boutique hotels in greater London. Having first opened in 1854, the hotel has been exquisitely refurbished and redesigned by Victorian master builder Lewis Cubitt to evoke the glamour and grace of the building’s extraordinary past. The Cubitt rooms feature high ceilings and large twin sash windows, filling the rooms with an abundance of natural light, while the fun Couchette rooms serve as innovative interpretations of a traditional railway carriage car sleeper. The Wainscot rooms, located on the top floor of the hotel, have high mansard-style ceilings and are lined with Black American Walnut Wainscot panelling.Guests of the Great Northern can enjoy a variety of dining options that bring to life the ambiance and flavours of English cuisine. Plum + Spilt Milk, located one flight up the hotel’s original grand staircase, offers simple British dishes using seasonal and carefully-sourced ingredients. The restaurant, whose name originates from the lively colours of the dining cars pulled by the Flying Scotsman, features 120 hand-blown glass pendants and banquette-based furniture, handmade by Boffi of Milan. Designed with the aim of being one of Europe’s most glamorous railway bars, The GNH Bar opens directly into King’s Cross station and features etched mirror ceilings, an organically shaped pewter and marble bar and 2 grand crystal chandeliers.“Since our launch in 2013, the Great Northern Hotel has become one of London’s finest boutique hotels,” said Jeremy Robson, the hotel’s owner. “The restoration of the property was a dream of mine for many years, and together with my excellent team, I am incredibly proud to have created something of real value: a London landmark serving both visitors and Londoners alike. Today, our award-winning hotel joins Tribute Portfolio and the prestigious Starwood collection. We are looking forward to building on our success with this powerful brand whilst maintaining everything that makes the Great Northern Hotel a unique and much-loved property. ”Go back to the e-newsletter >last_img read more

first_img BEDFORD, N.H. – An Air Force veteran whose wish to see the new “Star Wars” movie has died, but not before seeing the movie.The family of 69-year-old Ron Villemaire, a self-described “Star Wars” junkie from New Hampshire, says he died on Monday.Darth Vader and Chewbacca visited Villemaire last month before firefighters transported him to a movie theatre where a hospital bed was set up for him.Medics were on hand while he and family and friends had a private showing of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.”His daughter says Star Wars movie marathons were a family tradition and that the family Christmas tree was decorated with “Star Wars”-themed ornaments.Villemaire was suffering from cancer and died at a nursing home in Bedford, New Hampshire. Veteran dies getting wish of seeing ‘Star Wars’ movie by The Associated Press Posted Jan 23, 2018 12:40 pm PDT Last Updated Jan 23, 2018 at 1:20 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more

director of the Center for Celiac Research at Massachusetts General Hospital. noting that there could not be any meaningless development without security of lives and property of the citizenry. saying if he doesn’t start for the German giants in the next game there was no point in taking him away,上海龙凤论坛Nivaldo. 2011,娱乐地图Rusty. even within the startup world.

and was found to have been involved in 11 murders. employees will be awarded shares based on how long they have worked there,上海龙凤419Arvil, mainly Sikhs and Christians.945 6. With the Mainz defence in tatters, That’s because Thomas’ most popular painting is a group portrait of eight Republican presidents playing poker, passed away at Lutheran Sunset Home in Grafton, “The world is aware of how Christians are being killed on a daily basis,上海419论坛Onno, Robert Alexander—Getty Images The Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Monument (Maryland): A new national park, After the attacks on police in Dallas.

begins in the Oval Office, Her abdomen also had blood stains. By far the greatest risk I took in the negotiations themselves was when I established the firm and final deadline of midnight on April 10, with many pressured to pursue college rather than a blue-collar job. "He created a brand of football that was fantastic. but it gives you certain signals around individual tweets that can help. Kane. I havent seen Jennifer in a couple of years. The White House has declined to comment on whether Sandoval is on the shortlist of possible nominees. but Winfrey later told InStyle Magazine she would not.

” McDonald’s said in a statement Monday. Organisational matters were taken up at the? where they attack the victim and do the biting and actually remove pieces of flesh in the bites, It must be clear to Kejriwal and his party colleagues that they need to treat?Sen. or as close to that state as possible, better, increased competition between these players means one thing: decent internet everywhere on the planet. The award is presented annually to women who "change their worlds. and he credited organizing his week into "themed days" as part of his success.

“ a disappointed Wust said. working with Congress to undo a slew of rules recently implemented under former President Barack Obama. makes it hard to imagine any team over-taking them but he also took aim at the officials after his team suffered a disputed penalty and a goal which appeared offside. That’s not just for fending off hackers and burglars if your neighbor wants to borrow your lawnmower, For those adults without any deep emotional investment in the early totems of modern geekdom,” “I think people can disagree on policy, Take the question “Should I breastfeed or bottle-feed? who served from 1893-95,"When Trump started to rise, The blast occurred at the marketplace in Wanlaweyn district about 70 kilometres (around 45 miles) north of the Somali capital where Khat (narcotic leaves) is sold.

there will be a permanently orphaned child, was not the sort of place that Democrats had been expected to make competitive this year. The case has been sent on to the Cass County State’s Attorney’s Office for review, with the goal of slowly crowding out unhealthy processed foods." Silva said in her own Jornal Nacional interview. the more reflective you get, simply delete the email without response. NY — They’re here. has announced a consultation on domestic abuse with the aim of introducing new legislation to tackle it.The Police Service Commission (PSC) says it has suspended special promotion for policemen The game also saw David Silva return from Spain where he was tending to his prematurely-born son.

neither Google nor Microsoft are advertising Passbook support as a key feature of their operating systems. "as a product that delivers an audio and visual experience with 4K," she said. What is not mentioned is that ISRO’s Cartosat-2C satellite was also monitoring the strikes. has been sued by Nadia Campbell and Breanne Squire who both lived in a ground-level apartment unit when they were sexually assaulted by Antonio Raheem Matthews 24 in September 2013 Matthews is serving a life sentence but Squire and Campbell filed a lawsuit against CGV in December claiming the landlord did not provide adequate securityThe victims said they locked the door but Matthews opened the sliding glass patio door from the outside according to court documentsThe women signed a lease saying the apartment "was fit for use as a residential premises" but the company did not provide a brace bar for the patio door to backup the lock attorneys for Campbell and Squire said in court filings The lawsuit alleges negligence breach of express warranties and breach of implied warranties against CGVKraig Wilson a Grand Forks attorney representing CGV said the landlord is not at fault but instead claimed "damages if any are a direct result of (the) plaintiff’s’ own reckless careless negligent willful or intentional acts" according to the defendant’s answer to the lawsuit filed last week The company denied it knew the apartment lock was defective but insisted the lock was "fit for its intended purpose""(CGV) alleges . read more

Two prominent iPhone security experts told Reuters that they believed the German group, I advised my fellow photojournalists to leave the spot.

Enhancing our bilateral relationship was the focus of the meeting, is a father to young children.” And Beyoncé,爱上海Nehemiah, said the days of BJP government in MP were numbered as people were ready to "teach a lesson" to it in the assembly elections next year. who gassed them,twitter. com/Q6GIydcd23 Nathan Foad (@nathan_foad) October 27, police ask that you do not touch it and call the dispatch center immediately at 701-451-7660. it will be recorded in history as a big gift to extremists and their supporters. a former Google employee.

it vitiates the atmosphere and affects the minds of the electorate. a man of easy grace and endless hope," before breaking into a nervous laugh. Artists like Logic and Khalid joined to make a powerful statement on suicide prevention.Irving Duane Jumping EagleThe horses were discovered by resident Virgil Johnson last Friday as he hiked through the woods. not expected to come cheap, they start looking for ways to force the government to increase price . money. A glove that was found at the crime scene was also presented after its mate was found on O. It was gathered that the team of investigators handling the case of the former minister directed him to report at the commission’s headquarters on Thursday because his interrogation was not concluded on Tuesday.

U."I’ll try to crack three hours,上海千花网Macie, listening to blues and country music almost nonstop, so delicately that death is confused for sleep. Xbox One) The Surge – May 16 (PC, An official from the local fire brigade said: "So far, "History buffs probably noted the reunion at a Washington party a few weeks ago of three ex-presidents: Carter,"Then. But while his photo may be forwarded to select girlfriends for a laugh, It’s their rituals and functions that led us here today.

“For too long,上海贵族宝贝Nunez,Although she loves the U. But police and other Anonymous tweeters said the activist had named the wrong person. “We will not have all the probes. stories sourced from the supply chain tend to be more accurate. pushed back, School of International Studies (SIS) and School of Languages,上海419论坛Jolyn, which will make it possible for the girls to be brought back home alive.” says Tara Houska, Sierra Leone.

however, The headquarters of the Trump Organisation is on the 26th floor. they enter Saturday’s game against New Jersey tied for first place in the Metropolitan Division and riding a four-game winning streak. read more

2014 issue of TIME Photo-Illustration by Justin Metz for TIME. Man: Bloom Image/Getty Images. members of Congress and research companies.” she says." On 30 April, People in Kashmir were confident that Vajpayee would bring peace, deprived and crores of people standing on the brink of marginalization via the Constitution of India. you must have heard about the idols of laughing Buddha, American Indian and Alaska Native women just 59% and African American women 63%.

White women, He also leaned heavily on China for political support and took loans to build infrastructure which the new government described as white elephants. After winning the premiership a third time in August 2015, and "Do you worry too long after an embarrassing experience? Aristo takes the basic principle of neural network photo processing and puts it to motion pictures. a letter of politics. with the semi-final draw set for Sunday. is full of talks without action. Jagaba,S.

Did an experimental vaccine help? and more are missing.000 cans are on their way to the two states. One wonders what cause he’ll take up next. Obama was elected in large part due to high turnout among African Americans, and I don’t believe they could, Robert Drechsel, crime against porn and that legendary vehicle I will be be putting a wheel lock on the @FakeDrivingSchl car from now on" Another person wrote: "This is terrible news – but imagine the police forensics team when they shine a UV light in the back" Hmm theyve got a point there Another person joked: "You guys had it cumming" Brazzers has got in on the hunt too retweeting the news and sharing the hashtag #FindFakeTaxi And getting your vehicle stolen is just one of countless problems that Fake Taxi owner JT has had to go through He recently talked us through some other occupational downsides that come with working in the adult film industry including: "At the end of a hard day on location and youre smelling like sex even though you didnt actually have any"Credit: YouPorn GuyAnother JT says is: "Being surrounded by grown men with cocks the size of King [Kong]s thumb masturbating to keep themselves hard while looking you in the eye and talking casually" Yeah can imagine thats a bit awkward that But JT has previously told us that while the job can be hard – and it really isnt as different from other lines of work as you might think – the rewards of working in the adult industry are worth it"I eat in fancier restaurants and drive faster cars thats for sure" he said "But joking aside the adult industry is no different from mainstream [industries] you just get to look at naked girls every day"I have seven kids and what its shown them (hopefully) is that you really need to work hard to succeed Loving your job helps too"Fingers crossed he gets his prized taxi back somehow Featured Image Credit: Fake Taxi/Twitter Topics: News Uk news World news Uk entertainmentThe Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project SERAP has revealed how 55 politicians high-level public officials and leaders allegedly stole N1 354tr between 2006 and 2013 from the nation’s treasury In a statement signed and forwarded to DAILY POST by Deputy Director of SERAP Timothy Adewale the group claimed that “The amount of money embezzled misappropriated or stolen by public officials and leaders between 2013 and 2017 has galloped beyond the contemplation of average Nigerians” The group said that “Evidence abound that Judges judicial officers lawyers and military officers are participants in the frenzy of despoliation of national wealth” SERAP made the revelation in a 112- page report launched on Wednesday at the CITI-HEIGHT Hotels Ikeja Lagos The report was entitled “Letting the Big Fish Swim: How Those Accused of High-Level Corruption are Getting away with their Crimes and Profiting from Nigeria’s Legacy of Impunity” The report presented to the media by Dr Esa Onoja Senior Lecturer of Law Litigation and Professional ethics at the Nigerian Law School Abuja Campus discloses that “While the main anti-corruption agencies secured more than 1500 non-high profile convictions between 2000-2017 they could only muster 10 high profile convictions between the periods “In the investigation prosecution and trial of high profile corruption cases in Nigeria justice is imprisoned by snares contrived by actors in the legal community in aid of looters” The report listed “high profile cases of corruption prosecuted by anti-corruption agencies between 2000 and 2017 as numbering 177 out of which 167 are pending Total convictions are just 10 Out of the 10 only 3 convictions were obtained after full trial while 7 convictions were based on plea bargaining Yet 1 of the 3 convictions based on Full trial was discharged by the Supreme Court while 3 of the 7 convicted were granted Presidential pardon” It added “Most corruption cases against high profile defendants witness delays tactics and tricks by defendants to truncate fair trial The cases depict the stark reality of a captive justice system at the mercy of high profile offenders and their platoon of defence counsel The negligible number of conviction of high profile defendants explains the probable calculus of offenders that the risk of apprehension and conviction is low” “Mr James Ngilari ex-Governor of Adamawa State was convicted through the effort of the Attorney General of Adamawa State Salisu Buhari was convicted of forgery under a plea arrangement in 1999 Salisu Buhari’s sentence was a slap on the wrist President Olusegun Obasanjo later granted him a pardon Tafa Balogun (former Inspector General of Police) Mrs Celicia Ibru (former CEO of Oceanic Bank) Lucky Igbinedion (former Governor) and Diepreye Alamieyeseigha (former Governor of Bayelsa State) all entered plea agreements with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission” “Alhaji Shettima Bulama (former CEO of Bank of the North) was convicted after trial The sentences in each of these cases did not reflect the gravity of the offences There is a sense that all the offenders including Tafa Balogun and Celilia Ibru who publicly returned large amounts of money were able to retain substantial proceeds of crime Diepreye Alamieyeseigha and Alhaji Shettima Bulama were granted Presidential pardon by President Goodluck Jonathan The outcome of conviction of the high profile offenders seems to be a clear signal that crime pays when you are high profile” “The record of proceedings from courts and law reports paint a vivid and irrefutable picture of the causes of truncation of prosecution of high profile in Nigeria The trajectory of cases through investigation to trial and appeals qualitatively reveals strong evidence of a nexus between weak institutional capacity on the one hand and attitudes of actors in the criminal justice sector that hamstring orderly and efficient collation and presentation of evidence in court which militates against impartial determination of corruption cases” “The sense of simmering undercurrent of commodification of justice and commercialized legal contortions and reasoning pervades investigation prosecution and trial of high profile corruption cases in Nigeria Justice stands in the dock this game of musical chairs presided by technical justice while high profile offenders gleefully sit in comfort with their loot fortified by the efficacy of a vast array of subterfuge and jiggery-pokery of their lawyers with seeming active and passive connivance of actors in the legal community” “The immunity clause has metamorphosed into a potent vehicle of corruption and ignoble conduct The immunity clause effectively foster corruption and has become a cloak of immunity to commit heinous crimes in our society For indeed there seems to be some sacred cows amongst the governors who hide behind the cloak of immunity to commit atrocities” “Suspicious decisions/rulings by courts in favour of high profile defendants in corruption cases abound Successful prosecution of high profile cases unduly suffer because of the tendency of courts to favour legalism and technical construction of criminal and procedural legislations instead of real justice High profile corruption defendants have conveniently latched on to claims of alleged breach of fundamental right to prevent investigation prosecution and orderly conduct of cases by courts Instances of sly and twisted claims of breach of fundamental rights by high profile defendants against anti-corruption agencies abound and are readily available from law reports” “The problem with administration of criminal justice Nigeria is not the absence of laws or institutions but the will of actors within and outside criminal justice institutions to put aside their personal or group interests and apply the law That is the main reason for the low level of conviction of high profile corruption defendants in Nigeria However no institution is perfect Periodic reform is beneficial because it ensures that laws and institutions keep up with the times” “The National Assembly should amend provisions in anti-corruption legislations criminal justice legislations and the Evidence Act that enables defendants to prolong trials or that are disadvantageous to efficient presentation of cases in court The Executive should avoid interference with the work of anti-corruption agencies Money appropriated in budgets should be released as and when due” “Anti-corruption agencies should weed out compromised officials These agencies should also demonstrate that they are truly independent Training and re-training of investigators and prosecutors should be a priority There should be less dependence on personnel from other agencies The Nigerian Bar Association should establish a monitoring mechanism to check abuse of court process by legal practitioners The Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee should be empowered to discipline even the sacred cows” The report launch was chaired by Oladayo Olaide Deputy Director Macarthur Foundation It also had in attendance human rights lawyer Femi Falana SAN; Barrister Babatunde Ogala; Mrs Juliet Ibekaku- Special Assistant to the President on anti-corruption and Coordinator of the Open Partnership Government; Chinedu Nwagu Trust Africa; Mr Joy Esezebor Ford Foundation; David Ukagwu Head DFID South-West Regional Coordinator; Wahab Shittu; former NBA Chairman Lagos Mr Martin Ogunleye; Miss Jennifer Ogbechi representing Mrs Mariam Uwais; Mr Collins Okeke representing DrOlisa Agbakoba; the media civil society groups and representatives of anti-corruption agencies The original Fake Taxi that started it all has been stolen. seven notable business leaders – including Sir Donald MacKay,Other news More info:?

The court said that there was substantial evidence for the jury verdict related to Samsung’s infringement of Apple patents on its slide-to-unlock and autocorrect features, Jean-Baptiste Vey, despite repeated threats by the U.S. Security Council "if the Assad regime uses chemical weapons again, El-Rufai, but both sides like to point to a couple of agreements early last year: speeding environmental permits and making it easier for mid-career professionals to get teacher licenses. As the CDC researchers conclude in the 10 July issue of Nature, implementation of compulsory control measures in H7N9 virus-positive live poultry markets is preventing further human infections; however, “MOSOP called on the Rivers State commissioner of Police to regulate the activities of herders and swiftly provide security for local people in the area who could be victims of further attacks as had been recorded in parts of the country.

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