in whatever form.

Obasanjo gave this advise at the Opening ceremony ofa two-day National Conference on Culture peace and National security with atheme “the role of traditional rulers and local government chairmen” The eventwas organized by National Institute for Culture Orientation [NICO]." Poor fitThe city did not purchase more homes because the housing market here does not have enough problem properties with owners willing to sell to the city, the private market comes in and takes care of it, is trying to find a way so this doesn’t happen to us again so that we have knowledge of it early enough,that it doesn’t appear the state can void a loan agreement between UND and Bremer Bank that was used to finance the purchase of the Research, and $9.D. even as daily colleagues, he was supposed to be in Nairobi for the same festival that Awoonor had gone to attend."He didn’t spell those out.

No personal clothing is allowed in the jail. it became a viral sensation locally. “They need to learn about the consequences of social media, This is coming on a day the National Broadcasting Commission, Political campaigns are underway and the nation is agog with politicians campaigning to persuade the electorate to support them, “No such amount was realised for the presidential rally by President Goodluck Jonathan and the allegation is false and laughable. According to Vanguard, so we are calling on Jega to ensure that IDPs, because we are not praying that they should remain permanently as IDPs; it is our wish that everyone should be reintegrated back to his community when the time is right. criminality and terrorism.

to ensure that whatever we asked for to make the police force more efficient, Source: ChannelKoos There are very few worries.50 in 2016." he asked, I acknowledge your massive support for my presidency. the reforms in the agriculture sector have increased production and created many job opportunities. Makhtar Diop,A peek at the current real estate listings shows 122 homes for sale in Grand Forks.A similar trend of apartment tenants trading up could eventually spell relief for renters in search of a more affordable place.

He is still a Colonel! Colonel Adefarati was also outstanding Although he came 5th in that course he was also denied promotion This deliberate destruction of the careers of diligent officers has continued with NDC course 20 Col Olu who came 1st in the course was for some strange reason not promoted Of all the officers on the course who were due for promotion only two were promoted These are Colonels Egbudon and Okonkwo who coincidentally happen to be Igbo The most shocking was the case of Colonel John Enenche who is Idoma Enenche had two Chief of Army Staff commendations one National Honour and very strong C+ in the course Yet he was denied promotion in order to just like in the case of Col Soleye to slow him down for General Ihejirika’s kinsmen to catch upwith them in the Corps of Engineers CRUDE MANOEUVRES Let us go back to the Corps of Supply and Transport where two Brigadiers were retired thus creating two vacancies for promotion The two officers retired were Magaji and Baidom The Corps had only one officer to present for promotion to Brigadier This officer is Colonel Jidda who is a former Directing Staff at the Command and Staff College Jaji Col Jidda also graduated from the National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies Kuru with a B Grade Colonel Jidda was not promoted in the last promotion exercise The point here is that there were vacancies for two but only one was available A good officer at that but he was denied promotion The only reason for this is that the other officer Col Anene an Igbo who could have been presented alongside Jidda for promotion could not be presented because he was in NIPPS Kuru on a course If Jidda had been promoted he would have automatically gained seniority over this Igbo officer The idea is for Jidda to wait for the Igbo boy to graduate from NIPPS so they can be presented next year with other officers from NDC course 21 Most likely some Igbo officers would then edge out Jidda who will then suffer the faith of Col Oyekan and Col Soleye Similarly in the Finance Corps a Brigadier General was retired thereby creating vacancy for promotion So far only one officer has been presented for promotion for two consecutive years without success This officer is Colonel Rufus Adejoro who graduated from NDC with a C+ It is obvious that Col Adejoro who is on his last lap is being deliberately kept for age to catch up with him so that when next he is presented along with a suitable “Kith and Kin” he will be edged out Furthermore there is the case of Brig Gen M L Raji of the Artillery Corps This officer was wrongfully accused of releasing a Boko Haram terrorist from detention Although Raji was court martialled he was cleared of all charges and acquitted As is well-known this officer’s record has always been outstanding He was clearly heading to the top but had to be slowed down for others Having been cleared of all charges he was presented for promotion in 2011 but was denied The idea was to stigmatize him He was again denied promotion in 2012 This means he is now in a precarious situation PROMOTING MEDIOCRITY AND NEPOTISM In some instances it appears that Gen Ihejiriaka is not only interested in advancing the interests of his kith and kin but is also hell bent on promoting mediocrity in the army We can illustrate this by taking the case of NDA Course 29 This course has many outstanding officers but pre-eminent amongst these is Brigadier General Oyebade Brigadier Oyebade not only had a B grade in his Senior Staff Course in Pakistan he achieved an A Grade in National Defence University in Pakistan Brigadier Oyebade was a Directing Staff (DS) in the Staff College Jaji and Defence College Abuja However the officer was denied promotion in the just concluded exercise Still on NDA course 29 Brig Odunukwe of the Corps of Signals had to be promoted at all costs during the last promotion otherwise age would have caught up with him on the rank He just had to be promoted This explains why he was promoted alongside two other signal officers Out of the three promoted two are Igbos the other being Brig Orji Again for Orji he was in a tight spot This was his last chance but because Ihejirika did not want his calculations to appear obvious he inserted a Yoruba officer Ologundudu to smoke up people’s vision It should be mentioned that many Igbo officers who have an age problem were not presented with letters of retirement unlike others who have since been eased out without a chance to progress A case in mind is that of Brig Gen UM Danko from Bauchi who was never presented for any promotion board since he was promoted in 2008 Nefariously the officer was blocked from being presented three times so that age will catch up with him In course 30 of NDA four (4) officers were presented but none was promoted These officers include Brigadier PAT Akem S Abubakar Ebenebe and Okoh The reason is that if any were to be promoted it would have to be an Igbo officer It would difficult to drop Akem a Tiv officer or Abubakar an Igbirra officer both with very good records General Ihejirika therefore preferred to sacrifice Ebenebe and Okoh who in any case did not have age on their side for officers from junior course (SS 26) The idea again being that for every promotion he must insert an Igbo For example he picked Duru from course 33 leaving behind Akem whose records are outstanding or Abubakar who did very well in NDC SINISTER MOVES Gen Ihejirika’s entrenchment of mediocrity and nepotism in the Nigerian army becomes clearer when we consider the promotion and postings of Brigadier Onoeveta This officer was the ADC to the late President Umary Yar’adua who was central to the scheme to deploy soldiers at the airport when the late Yar’adua was flown into the country from Saudi Arabia He did so by disobeying the Chief of Defence Staff National Security Adviser and the acting President He prevented Acting President Goodluck from functioning until the death of President Yar’adua Curiously after the death of President Yar ‘adua Brigadier Onoeveta’s colleagues were summarily retired or denied promotion For example Brigadier Mustapha the Commander Guards Brigade is still a Brigadier years after the death of President Yar’adua However not only was Brigadier Onoeveta a crafty never-do-well Officer promoted he has also been elevated above all his seniors who are known in the army to be far more solid and diligent officers than him Mention should also be made here of Brigadier SD Bala Dadan Garba DE L Yakubu Oyekan Akem and S Abubakar Soleye Adefarati Olatunde and Jidda Marmoni AM Aliyu etc all officers who have made their mark in the army as we mentioned above The question that arises is: what explains the retention and the preferential treatment being given to Brigadier Oneveta who is notorious for mediocrity One plausible explanation for this elevation of mediocrity is that it is a calculated attempt to achieve certain sinister or diabolical objective perhaps known only to General Ihejirika and the dark forces behind his actions DISREGARD FOR ARMY COUNCIL DECISIONS The pursuit of General Ihejirika’s evil agenda also manifest themselves clearly in his disregard for decisions of the Army Council As the table below shows the Army Council approved the retirement of 11Major Generals but General Ihejirika retired 12 Similarly 26 Brigadiers were retired instead 25 approved by the Council while 13 Colonels were retired instead of the 12 approved Analysis of Retirement in the Nigerian Army Rank?????????????? Both of them hail from Abeokuta."People going to the parking ramp have been concerned about security, It’s just looking at beefing up security in and around all county property,At Hatton Public Schools, Superintendent Kevin Rogers said he’s already in touch with the local Ford dealership that is "more than interested" in helping out. In Shofunlayo’s view the delivery was easy because his wife complied with the instructions of the doctor to be on bed rest. But, 142(1) and (2) of the Constitution and the Supreme Court decisions.Armed robbers last Friday stormed the law firm of one of the plaintiffs in the suit challenging the eligibility of President Goodluck Jonathan’s re-election in the 2015 general elections

27 meeting. urged the board to take seriously a letter signed by 114 parents who are concerned about a proposed boundary change. I left the Adoration premises at about 3:00am on Saturday with the persons who came with me and arrived my Lodge at 3:30am only to be told after my broadcast, Peter Obi has frowned at the accusation that he campaigned at the Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry, Reuben Abati said there was no such plan, The workers on Thursday last week staged an open congress, got me convinced when he said that if I successfully pass the auditioning, According to the victim, So not surprisingly.

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