first_imgAround six years ago, Q-Games released an odd title on the PlayStation Network, PixelJunk Eden. It was the third game in the PixelJunk franchise. Eden was something of a surprise, its extremely unique gameplay following a fairly standard slot car racing title and a pretty-but-plain tower defense endeavor. Though it’s six years old, it was voted as a community choice option in the recent Steam winter sale, and sold at a price of just $0.99. After the eight-hour sale period was over, PixelJunk Eden doubled the company’s income to date for the Steam version of the [email protected] @abrasion we just made our income to date, again, in just 8 hours, it was a huge success— Dylan Cuthbert (@dylancuthbert) December 31, 2013 The statement was made by Q-Games boss Dylan Cuthbert, and though the wording can be a little vague, Cuthbert likely meant the game’s life-to-date income. This means that the eight-hour sale matched the income of the game ever since it was released on Steam back in February of 2012. Cuthbert did not reveal the sales figure as related to the game’s total six-year lifespan beginning on the PlayStation 3.In Eden, you assume the role of a little fairy-like creature called a Grimp — named after its two abilities, to grip and jump. In the game, you swing around a psychedelic world like Spider-Man, collecting pollen and growing plants onto which you can grip and jump in order to reach and collect seeds. The overall mechanic is simple, but it’s one of the most mechanically unique games made in a very long time, and the combination of trippy visuals and trance-like music creates an even more unique atmosphere and vibe.At this stage in its life, we all know that Steam is a powerful platform for exposure, and that just about every single PC gamer on the market partakes in the Steam sales. Furthermore, the iOS and Android markets have shown time and again that just because a game costs less than a dollar doesn’t mean that tiny price can’t be monumentally profitable. After all, thousands and thousands of people giving you one dollar will generate more cash than a hundred people giving you ten.If you still haven’t dabbled in the PixelJunk franchise, now is a good time to start. Eden, Monsters (the tower defense title), and Shooter (basically a shmup) are available on Steam right now, though that community sale is long gone. PixelJunk Inc, a Terraria-style game about building and running a secret soup factory (trailer below), will be releasing on the PC as Q’s next game.last_img

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