first_imgOliver Queen, the man who would be draped in green and armed with arrows. Debuting in 1941 thanks to Mortimer Weisinger and George Papp, in More Fun Comics Issue #73. The Star City billionaire took his fashion cues from Robin Hood and the Hulk….just kidding. Not Hulk, obviously.via Comicker GirlBut he did adopt Robin’s knack from archery and helping those less fortunate. His good deeds don’t go unnoticed as hi big heart and bravery win over none other the Black Canary herself. Dinah and Ollie team up to make one of the best duos in comics history.With the popularity of the CW’s Arrow Oliver has found a whole new group of fans to dazzle. Here’s to the man in Green never without his quiver or impeccably groomed facial hair.Feast your eyes on these 15 tributes to the truest aim of all in DC Comics’ long storied history. Happy Birthday to Star City’s emerald son.View as: One Page Slides1. Mandy Wang2. Phil Cho3. Matt Wagner4. Jok5. Lap Pun Cheung6. Dennis Salvatier7. Marcos Martin8. David Mack9. Phil Hester10. Mitch Breitweiser11. Laurie B12. Ryan Ottley13. Mike Mayhew14. Cat Staggs15. Terry Huddlestonlast_img

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