first_imgBefore the end of this year, Valve will be sending out prototype Steam Machines and Steam Controllers to 300 lucky participants. The gaming giant has just revealed the specs of the prototypes, and they are quite varied, notably the graphics cards and processors.Valve has stated on numerous occasions that the Steam Machine can be made however a manufacturer wants, and has even further emphasized that the specs of different Steam Machines can and will vary. For the 300 prototypes, Valve has laid out the different hardware combinations that will appear in each box.The GPUs will be an exclusive Nvidia affair; the prototypes will contain either an Nvidia Titan,  a GTX660, 760, or 780. The CPUs will be provided by Intel; either an i7-4770, an i5-4570, or an i3. The Machine will have 16GB of DDR3 RAM, while the GPU will have 3GB of DDR5. The storage will be a 1TB and 8GB hybrid SSHD, while the power supply will be 450w, and internal.If you were expecting something along the lines of the tiny Xi3 Piston, it would seem that isn’t the case for the 300 prototypes. Though the specs are widely varied, they all wouldn’t fit neatly into a palm-sized cube. The prototype housing may still be small at 12×12.4×2.9, but you’ll have to be in the NBA to be able to palm it like you could palm a Piston. It’s more or less the size of a DVD player — not nearly as big as a monster gaming rig, but you’ll have to make a bit of room for it under your desk.Valve will be sharing the source CAD files for the enclosure at some point, just in case other people want to build one.So, while some of us may not see the point of the Steam Machine, Valve is packing a decent amount of power into a box smaller the gaming tower that sits under your desk. If Valve can get the price point well below what it would cost to buy all of those components on your own (through clever partnerships, perhaps), though, the Steam Machine could be an easy PC gaming solution.last_img

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