first_imgWhen Intel announced the new Ultrabook category back in May, it looked like a clear bid to grab some of Apple’s sales in the thin and light laptop category. Manufacturers responded by embracing the Ultrabook and planning to roll out models before the end of the year.Two of those manufacturers were Asus and Acer, both experienced laptop companies. However, after the initial excitement surrounding the possibility of easy-on-the-eye Windows laptops, it seems the expectations of shipping lots of Ultrabooks this year at least, has faded.According to DigiTimes, both Asus and Acer have significantly cut their orders for Ultrabooks just a month or so after launching their first models. Where as originally some 300,000 units were set to flood the market, that estimate could now be as low as 150,000.The higher pricing of both the Asus Zenbook and Acer S3 compared to other laptops may have a lot to do with this, but reviews of both machines haven’t been great either. In order to carry a higher price and compete with Apple’s laptops, you have to offer a very solid experience encompassing looks, performance, and usability. However, the Zenbook has had complaints about its trackpad, while the S3 is said to lack performance.As for what will happen next, Ultrabooks aren’t going to disappear, but they may take a backseat until the second half of 2012 when they can start shipping with Windows 8. That will be music to the ears of Apple who gets another 6-9 months in which to grab market share and plan the next iterations of the MacBook Air and Pro lines.More at DigiTimeslast_img

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