Interim Humanities Dean Carol Merriam presents Prof. Renée Lafferty-Salhany with the Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching at Saturdays convocation ceremony for the Faculty of Humanities. Hard work and imagination got nearly 350 Humanities students to their graduation on Saturday.Hard work and imagination will get those same graduates to where they want to go in life, too.History Prof. Renée Lafferty-Salhany reminded graduands of that during the convocation address she gave after being presented the Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching at Saturday’s ceremony for the Faculty of Humanities.Standing before a graduating class at her own alma mater was profoundly humbling, Lafferty-Salhany said, and something she never imagined she’d do when she graduated in 1997.That same year, Princess Diana had condemned the use of landmines in order to protect civilians in war-torn nations. The Kyoto Accord was signed as well, and it was also the year of the cloned sheep when the world was introduced to the scientific feat, Dolly. All of those events required imagination and action to accomplish, Lafferty-Salhany said.“Imagination is powerful but it is sometimes limited, and it can be limiting,” she said. “You’ve probably heard before some version of the adage ‘If you dream it, you can do it. If you imagine it, you can be it,’ This isn’t not untrue but there’s a very big part missing from the middle of this idea.“If you think it, if you imagine it, if you envision it, this is only the beginning,” she added. “Life is not easy and you all know this because university was not easy. It took work, It took concentration, dedication, sweat, tears, the ability to stumble and screw up and still get back up on your feet…. I’m sorry to tell you but your life after university will probably require this kind of work as well.”Colin Bissell (graduate) and Catelyn Talaue (undergraduate) were presented with Spirit of Brock medals at Saturday’s convocation ceremony for the Faculty of Humaniities.Graduates also need a bit of doubt, Lafferty-Salhany advised.“Second-guess your choices, double-check your answers, ask questions. Continue to do everything we asked you to do here. Doubt is necessary for confirming new views and polishing your virtues. It’s necessary to turn down what isn’t necessary, and for opening your eyes to the beauty of differences, options and alternatives.”She also offered one important caveat: “Never ever doubt yourself so much that you forget what this day and this moment really means. Today means that you all know how to work as well as how to imagine.”Saturday’s ceremony wraps up Spring Convocation, which saw 3,784 undergraduate and 440 graduate degrees conferred over nine ceremonies and five days.Also recognized Saturday were Catelyn Talaue (undergraduate) and Colin Bissell (graduate), who received the Spirit of Brock medal for best exemplifying the spirit of Sir Isaac Brock.Cameron Smith (honours) and Ella Leslie (pass) were both awarded the Dean’s Medal for having the highest standing in their degree programs.

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