CALGARY — Ads for pipeline giant Enbridge will no longer be seen by Canadians waiting in line for double-doubles and Timbits.The spots had been airing for close to three weeks on screens at more than 1,500 Tim Hortons locations between British Columbia and Ontario.The campaign on Tims TV was to have lasted four weeks.Tim Hortons expanding Canadian head office team after shutting U.S. headquartersTim Hortons finds sales footing in U.S. markets after Burger King mergerA group called SumOfUs launched an online petition calling on Tim Hortons to yank the ads, accusing the company of “shilling” for the oilsands shipper.Tim Hortons responded to several Twitter users by saying it values the feedback and the ads will no longer be airing on Tims TV.Enbridge spokesman Graham White says the company enjoyed working with Tims and respects its decision.

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