22 March 2010The first indigenous community radio station in Mexico and an Egyptian journalist dedicated to informing people in country areas about health and education will share this year’s United Nations award for rural communication. The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization International Programme for the Development of Communication (UNESCO-IPDC) gives out a prize every two years in recognition of meritorious and innovative efforts to improve communication for rural communities in developing countries. The Mexican station, La voz de campesinos, promotes interactive radio communication with communities, encouraging them to share their history, customs and music, and helps reinforce the collective rights of the indigenous populations of the Veracruz region, according to UNESCO.Programmes are transmitted in three local languages and Spanish to some 100,000 people in 400 communities.Amr Mamdouh Ellissy of Egypt is editor-in-chief of the weekly newspaper ElKhamis and editor and presenter of both the documentary TV programme Ekhterak and the weekly social programme Wahed Men El-Nas (“One from the Public”).Mr. Ellissy regularly works with governmental authorities and civil society organizations to find joint solutions to rural social problems. He also helps raise funds and conducts public campaigns through his television programmes to help rural communities, UNESCO said. The award ceremony will take place on Thursday at UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris.

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