Rabat – Spanish police are seeking fugitive Mohamed Soultana, who is allegedly traveling to Morocco, via Spain. Soultana, 42, is wanted in connections with an arrest warrant issued by the German police for being a suspect in murder by firearm in Germany. Pictures of his face are on display in “ports, airports, and border posts,” according to ABC news. Soultana is a bearded man with dark hair, standing at 1.98 meters, though he could be armed and “potentially” dangerous.According to the German media BILD, Soultana shot a 44-year-old German-Moroccan in the city of Offenbach when she was in her car, waiting for her 13-year-old son to come out of a martial arts lesson. He then fled the country on May 9 through Belgium. The alleged murderer would have been an “acquaintance of the victim,” reports the same source.

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