Casablanca – The Moroccan National Railways Office, ONCF has launched a new transportation plan to provide travelers with a smoother and more satisfying ride over the summer season.ONCF’s new summer season strategy provides over 250 trains per day to assure customers are getting to their destinations on time. This specifically concerns train connections from Casablanca-Rabat- Fès- Marrakesh-Tanger-Oujda and Nador. ONCF has also decided to strengthen its team and staff members to better meet customers’ needs, both at the stations and onboard trains. Additionally, staff at ticket-sale counters is being increased in order to avoid long queues. Tickets can also be purchased online in advance through the following website: a convenience, ONCF highlights the importance of referring customers to its Ketary Call Center (0890 20 30 40) for discounts, information and in general an organized and peaceful ride. The call center is available 24/7. ONCF has caused great discontent among Moroccan travelers due to its lack of organization, weak strategy and unreliability. Taking the train is still problematic for the amount of constant inconveniences.Houda M. (20), a marketing student in Rabat, originally from Casablanca, shared with Morocco World News her experience with ONCF:“I don’t take the train everyday, but whenever I travel it is mostly during the weekend to spend it with my family and come back on Sunday evening. I often times find myself waiting for the train…first they say it is only a 5-minute delay and then whoops it is an hour! This makes me angry and I am the only one. The staff members wouldn’t do anything to calm down angry travelers,” she said.“I think that lack of customer service played a role in giving ONCF its negative image. A friend of mine lives in Kenitra and has to take the train every day to Rabat. She is late for class most of the time, because of delays and other issues. Besides this, most of the staff members are quite rude and don’t even say “hello”. This brings Morocco’s transportation sector in a bad light,” she added.“I think if they are going to introduce more than 250 trains per day, then there shouldn’t be any extensive delays that hold us up for hours. We should be optimistic about this new plan…it’s a good beginning,” she concluded.ONCF have a bad reputation, but as an old saying states: “A small step is the right step to something big.”We will keep an eye on ONCF and see if its new plan convinces Moroccan travelers to change their point of view on the national railroad company.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed without permission

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