first_imgDon’t we all love the look of box-fresh trainers, all clean and glowing ready to shine on our feet as we flaunt them off for the first time?Well, now it seems like days of wearing clean white sneakers are gone. Because if Gucci’s new collection is to be believed, then dirty and distressed sneakers are the new fashion statement and that too an expensive one. Gucci’s Distressed GG canvas sneakersIn a recently launched campaign, Gucci inaugurated its collection of ‘scuffed, dirty and vintage sportswear-inspired’ sneakers, and their price is more than our monthly salaries. The sad part, it basically looks just like the dirty sports shoes we used to wear to school.These incredible shoes are priced at USD 870, which is Rs 63,258 in Indian currency. Because who cares about dirty shoes if you can trade your soul, and probably kidney too, to buy it.Available in four different designs and three colourways, the company called the shoes ‘a pastiche of different influences that span across decades.’ Close up of Gucci’s new sneakersThese luxurious shoes are part of the brands Cruise 2019 collection and are inspired by classic trainers from the 70s.It also has some amazing features like treated vintage, distressed effect (so that you won’t have to worry about washing your shoes. EVER!), oval enameled metal Gucci logo and a Gucci vintage logo (so that everyone knows you have traded your soul to buy it).It even comes with a bi-colour sole, probably because with such an amazing price may be it also offers durability that will definitely outlast the apocalypse (since dirt is not a worry).advertisementEven Twitterati was left confused with this new trend. Here are some best reactions:I really don’t get these Gucci dirty sneaker trendbysamiiryan (@thesamiiryan) January 11, 2018I’m not gonna stop u from wearing slightly dirty Gucci sneakers with an Old Navy hoodie BUT I will judge uAB Green (@theABGreen) May 24, 2016When ur born rich a f but don’t wanna be a called a snobby daddy’s boy at school=Gucci’s New Vintage Sportswear-Inspired Dirty Sneakers Cost $870 USD #gucci #guccifromthehood K (@nadiakhairinas) November 7, 2018I’m afraid this is the limit for me. Hanley (@DigitalJazz) November 7, 2018Saw these Gucci white sneakers with a “vintage, distressed effect” in store earlier and they look even more absurd IRL than the stock pic ¥99,360 (US$740 in the US) for what is essentially dirty looking white leather shoes (@ratzillacosme) December 20, 2017I really don’t like the way fashion trends work.A lot people wear dirty, white sneakers because it’s all they can get, but they make it stylish or cool because they have to…Brands like Gucci see these trends & capitalize, selling a dirty white sneaker for $800Dimitri Moore (@dimiimoore) December 17, 2017Rich people really have nothing better to do with their money Dirty, my mistake, distressed sneakers for $740. But they’re Gucci so… Genes (@SunsetSoFresh) November 16, 2017So, are you ready to sell your kidneys (or any other part of your body) to buy these amazing shoes?ALSO SEE | These chappals cost Rs 45k. But the product reviews are pricelessALSO SEE | People are paying Rs 2 lakh for a sweater to just go toplessALSO WATCH | This $32K Bavarian Dirndl is the Ultimate Oktoberfest Outfitlast_img

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