first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Last time I said we were about one inch of rain away from a perfect spring. Just a day or two later we got a couple of inches and the crop just looked phenomenal. But in the past week we had almost 5 inches and we got 3 inches in less than 2 hours so we had some flooding. Some of the shorter beans are showing a little yellowing, but the water got away pretty quickly because we had been so dry.I don’t know that I’ve ever seen corn look as good as it does right now. I think we’ll have corn tasseling by July 4 and I think a lot of other people will too.We always use fungicide on wheat. We used to use it on beans but I didn’t see much yield advantage and we ran into problems with green stem. We like to get beans off early and do things like plant cover crops or wheat so we have gotten away from using a fungicide on beans. I have heard guys talking about good results flying it on corn but we haven’t done that.If we get any sunshine we are going to start with wheat harvest this afternoon. Because we were dry and we do a lot of no-till it is not that hateful for getting 5 inches of rain inches in the last week. I walked the fields this morning and it is still a little too wet, but they are calling for more rain on Tuesday and Wednesday. It is one of those situations where you have to decide which way to go. Do you leave it out there and risk getting it wet again? If it was corn or beans I’d leave it out there. Wheat deteriorates so quickly on quality, though, we are going to try it this afternoon.For planting double-crops we may have to wait until it dries out a little. But it is supposed to get hotter and unless we get a bunch of rain I think we can get some straw baled and get some double-crops in right away.Some of the heads are a little smaller than I like and I saw a little head scab. I think this will be a decent wheat crop but not a great crop. I don’t know what this rain is going to do to the wheat In terms of quality.We had a terrible week for the markets. With the tariffs and the crop looking really good all across the country the prices took a beating. We may have to sit and wait for fall or winter for these markets to come back a little bit. I am tired of hearing about the tariffs. They just hurt us short term and make the futures go goofy.last_img

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