first_imgScott Maxwell of the Ministry of Transportation says the improvements are being geared towards safety and will start at Big Bam Road.“It’s going to be building a complete four lane from Big Bam Road to about two kilometres up the hill and also include a fully rebuilt truck chain up area where the caretaker home is for the park,” he says. “It’s going to be significantly safer for trucks to get chains on their vehicles and it’s also going to allow for a lot of vehicles to safely pass each other.”He adds that the current chair up area is not suitable for the traffic that passes through the area and the new chain up space will be completely off the highway.- Advertisement -“Right now we just found that our chain up area is very inadequate to take that level of traffic. We have a very in depth traffic management plan to make it safe for them currently. This will make it a lot easier. It’s going to give room to a lot of trucks too. It’s going to be fully separated from the highway so there won’t be the guys parked at the edge of that white line you see right now.” The chain off area will also be rebuilt at the top of the hill south of the brake check area. The target for completion is the fall of 2015.last_img

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