first_imgSlowly but surely. This has been the negotiation between the club and the staff to agree on the salary reduction of players as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic crisis. After long negotiations, with the leading role of Fernando Vidal and the captains, both parties have reached an agreement to reduce the wages of footballers in the face of the new economic reality. The agreement implies a salary reduction of 17.5% if the season is not resumed and 5% if it is done behind closed doors.As in any negotiation, both parties have given in their initial claims. The club, in line with what LaLiga asked for, advocated a 20% cut and the players five points less. In the middle, at 17.5%, the reduction agreement has remained if the competition does not return. The measure will only affect the first staff, since more than ten days ago in the Plaza de Pontevedra an ERTE was discarded for ordinary staff, who will not be affected by these measures. In addition, players agree to continue playing beyond June 30 if the League ends in the summer. Discarded the possibility that this year it would be played with the public, the other leg of the agreement was regarding the option that the League be resumed behind closed doors. The final agreement puts the salary reduction at 5%, a percentage very consistent with the estimate that there is about the overall losses that the club will have in this case. In this sense, the players have understood that their effort must have been greater than that of other teams (the average is 3%) since Deportivo, due to its great social support, is one of the most affected by the loss of box office income. .last_img

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