first_img18 Renato Sanches is approaching what one day was in Benfica in this new stage in Lille. The Portuguese, who has lived a hard stage between Munich and Swansea after leaving Lisbon, wants to meet his best football again to wear the national team’s shirt this summer. The midfielder explains how he has lived these years, his ‘rebirth’, how was his childhood in Lisbon and his signing frustrated by the PSG. Your full statements in L’Equipe Be a holder: “I feel happy. We all want to play. I know I have talent but I have to prove it. Right now I feel good.”Expectations: “I don’t think I suffered. When I left Portugal it was difficult. I was not prepared and could not face the challenge. After a year, I changed my mentality and my body adapted to German football but I did not have the opportunity I deserved. Everything remains in the past. Now, I want to prove that I am a good player. “Swansea: “I was injured. I could not train. I did not feel motivated. I was injured three times. I was not well, my leg was not well. I usually am strong but, at that moment, I felt nothing. I just felt that nothing was going all right”.His signing frustrated by the PSG: “I spoke with Antero Henrique (former PSG sports director), who had spoken with Mendes, my agent. Everything was ready. I was having dinner at a restaurant and my agent told me: “Tomorrow you fly to Paris.” I said yes, I went home and packed my bags. The next day I went to train and Niko Kovac told me: “You’re not leaving!” I stayed and didn’t play that week. The next, he put me five minutes. I saw how I lost my place in the selection and some of my qualities. Even my classmates asked me why I didn’t play because I was one of the best in training. Even Sule said it in an interview. And the same thing happened last summer … “Bayern and departure to LOSC Lille: “I was ready to play at Bayern. I knew the president, the coach … Munich was my home but as I saw that nothing changed, I talked to Jose Fonte and Luis Campos (manager of Lille). We met in Lisbon on vacation. My agent brought me other offers but I trusted Lille. I had good vibes. It is not a small club and if you play well, they will recognize you. I just wanted to play and be happy again. “Eurocup: “I came to Lille because I have some goals and going to the European Championship is one of them. I want to be on all the lists. Not in one and not in the next. I want to be in the team.”center_img Get out of a bad situation: “All that has already happened. Now is the time to vindicate myself. It is time to demonstrate and teach people my best football. My family and the people who love me have helped me a lot. Not only in football, is life in general”.The role of his father: “He always gets the best of me. He used to tell me not to give up. Sometimes you don’t have anyone to tell you and I find him in my family. I work for me and for them. That makes me happy. My two little brothers and my nephew play football and I want to be an example for them. “Street football: “When I was little I always played in the street. I was with my ball all the time. Now, from time to time, I take that football to the field. This is how I learned. I have a different style. In France I have also seen players who do it It’s my style, I was born like that, I’m a different type. It’s not special but I do things different from what other players do. “Constant Battle: “I want to win. If you win, you get respect. When you play on the street you also have to win. You bet paying for a meal. It’s a matter of dignity.”Live with the victory: “I want to win forever. That’s why it makes me nervous sometimes. To the cards, to the ONE, to the ping-pong, to the billiards, in the training …”Growing up in Amadora, outside Lisbon: “When I was little I sometimes went to school and sometimes I didn’t. I used to play soccer in the street. Other times we did stupid things. When you’re young you do things that can’t be done and more when you were born in this kind of neighborhood. It helped me to grow up. Some friends have been in prison for doing things that they shouldn’t have … This is life. It has to learn. I learned a lot there and it is not a bad place. When I return to Portugal I always see my friends there. They grew up with me and I’m not going to leave them behind. “Relationship with Fernando Santos: “I talked to him before going to Swansea and he said:” If you want to come back you have to play. “He is honest and always tells you everything in the face. I went there and did not play so much. I was sad because I was not going to go with the national team but I think this year I will return. I will work for it. “Be indispensable in the selection: “I don’t know what would make me indispensable. If I score more goals, if I play all the games well, he will call me. When you score and play well every week it is difficult to ignore that work. At the moment, I am not getting it. I want to do it more often and I work to get it. “I remember when he finished his career: “I would like people to say:” When it started, it was good, it won titles. He had bad years but came back stronger. “Better than ever: “I feel better player every day.”last_img

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